Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Have Changed Completely

Its unbelievable sometimes that how much I have changed to myself.Because it was unexpected.I never thought that such a twist will take place in my life.I have changed completely but not as I wanted to.All my dreams got shattered.Everyone whom I loved departed from me.People who used to care for me each and every moment now don't even look at me.People who used to laugh at my silly jokes now don't even smile for my funniest sayings.

I used to talk without any reason all day long.But now silence has filled my life completely.I used to laugh always with my heart & now happiness is a stranger to my life.Living each moment of life was my only policy & now I'm living with a breathless motion.Never thought that I will change like this.Never thought that such a day will come in my life.Sometimes I wonder that how can a girl like me live like this today.

I know mistake is completely mine.But love doesn't seek permission & come to our life.It happens accidentally.Its the writing of fate.No one can dare enough to challenge it.I'm a normal human being who takes life as it comes.I loved you & that is never a mistake.You dint realize my love that is the wrong part of my fate.Never mind if you don't love me.I wont forcefully make you mine.Its your life & I'm no one to decide.But remember that no one can ever love you like me because true love in life wont happen again & again..

Friday, December 17, 2010

Please Dont Ignore Me

As time passes the pain in me is increasing.It has now become unbearable.The reason is as white as milk.Its that you are ignoring me.That breaks my heart.Why you do like this to me?with great difficulty when I call you why are you not answering me?I trust you so much so I'm feeling that you are kidding with me.Is that true?Please reply me.What the great mistake i did that you are hating me like this?My heart has already broken.Now don't break even the broken pieces.Are you so cruel?Do you really enjoy my pain?

I'm dying here to hear your voice once.Just remember those days were we used to talk for hours together.Those moments that was heavenly.Remember those songs that you used to sing for me.No you cant.If you do then you'll break.You'll cry very badly.Because that much we had loved each other.Why are you breaking such a precious relationship?Do you think there is someone else who can love you more than me?If then go and search.You'll only give up & come back to me.Because god paired us & you cannot break us apart.

Every day I open your gifts again & again.I read all our letters thousands of times.I have been spending all my time in your thoughts.My days & nights are incomplete now.Everything in my life have changed now.I don't feel like I'm living.Just a breathless soul all weal,all alone.Please take out 1 minute for me and call me.I'll be happy & stop crying.Please,I beg you.At least now understand that You mean the world to me.You are my everything.You have the biggest position in my life.Only you can make me come out of this me.I really need you now.Please..

I Quit

I'm leaving this mean world forever
My existence will not disturb you ever
I was fascinated with you was my mistake
That is the reason why I'm in egony with a heartbreak.

I thought you were mine but I was wrong
I was never the one to whom you belong
I asked you for some true love
In return you made me a blooded dove.

Now I'm going to a world of silence
Where solitude makes the only sense
There people laugh when they are in pain
And always have a feeling of vain.

They greet themselves with gloomy faces
And adore their houses with scary vases
Their dresses are white with music in light
There day & night are same in sight.

Going to my eternal sleep so last goodbye
Pray for me atleast now as I'm going to die
My soul has no end it wil be alive
As your love from it can never be deprived.

God Paired Us

We were born miles apart
But were connected in god's love chart
We met one day without any reason
Thats why our love blossoms in every season.

I still remember that great day
when you said that love means gay
Then why did U leave me betrayed
Now I'm in the cliff of sorrow's glade.

Do you dare enough to challenge god?
To beat him down & make him gnawed.
Your attitude makes you feel tall
But remember pride goes before fall.

Breaking this relation will cost you
Pain & sorrow in your life will accrue
That day you will surely regret
But then time will make me to forget.

True love dosen't come & go
It will come only once & glow
If once the brightnes gets wane
We'll never get it again & again.

Writings of fate never go wrong
We have to be a part though it dosen't belong
Running away from the truth is impossible
We cannot stop it happen as its improbable.

Painfull Wishes

I want to talk to you but I'm afraid.I want to tell you many truths that how I feel when you are away.You never want to hear anything so I have to be silent.I have a fear of rejection as its very painful.You may think that I'm careless.But deep inside there is a lot of love waiting to come out.Its dying to get into your heart but always come back with bear less pain.what else can it do if you locked your heart in front of it.

I wish If I could go back to the past where we used to talk for hours together,where you used to cry when we depart from our meeting.Its unbelievable.How much you had loved me.Heavenly felt affection was the symbol of our love.But what made you change like this?Did I lack anything in my love?Don't walk as this world walks.Its fake.You cannot believe anything in it.Realize it now otherwise you may lose a person who is just living for you.

Any day if you feel to come back then surely do come.I'll love you even more and will care you whole life.I'll be the same and will never
change.I promise I will never ask anything about the past.We'll forget everything & start a new life.Sometimes I wonder if you feel so.But I know you'll never..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Never Give Up

Sometimes we loose the things which are very precious for us.It becomes impossible to get them back.So the only option left will be giving up.No.Never do that.Life is a game.Sometimes we loose,sometimes we win.Life is full of ups & downs.We need to overcome all the obstacles.We
need to be a warrior to our own life.

The most painful situation in life is not when we lose our love.Its when the person whom we love doesn't realize our love and walkout from our life.This makes us depressed completely.We lose faith in people,we start hating ourselves & we make our life a worthless journey.

But why?Just forget everything & think for a while.Isn't the person whom you love living happily?Isn't he enjoying his life?Is he crying for you?Is he thinking about you? Then why are you wasting your life for him.Its always difficult to think like this because true love will never have
a capacity to take revenge.Its honest and loyal.Only good deeds can be done in true love.But we should realize one think that once we give up then we are defeated in love.

"Don't love the one who doesn't love you instead,Love the one who loves you". Only then life becomes beautiful..

The Girl

There is a girl who is living in this world with a bleeding heart.She doesn't even know the reality of her birth.She is a worthless
soul for everyone.But she loved a person with all her hearts which was her only mistake.

She is a girl who keeps smiling even though she is crying deep inside.Her tears are hidden from this world.She brightens up the days of every person close to her.She makes everyone laugh though she never know what exactly happiness means.

Her life is unbelievable.She loves a person who hates her.She care for a person who hurt her.She pray for a person who curse her.She lives for a person who killed her alive.The world says she is mad.She came up even though thousands of obstacles surrounded her.She sacrificed everything for him but at last he just left her and walked out for ever..

She still has silent rays of hope.She know that one day he'll come back.All her desires will be fulfilled that day.Her life is a waiting now.
He'll come and she will smile one day..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Will Never Forget You

The pain inside me is never going to vanish
It kills me each and every moment
You tore my heart apart
And now the shattered pieces are all left with me.

Still my soul waits for you
To touch you once,to feel your embrace
I'm fed up of loving you
But why my heart dont permit me to forget you?

What is so magical in you?
That I never felt from anyone else
Your smile brightens up my day
And when I feel your touch I swear I can fly.

Your love is completely fake
But still my heart indulge in loving you
All faults are in your way
But still I say that you are my way.

There are many things that you left pending
Many gifts that you forgot to open
Come one day for sure and see them all
Without you our love is incomplete.

I'm trying my best to erase you out
Unfortunately I end up with defeat
I think its impossible
I know that I can never forget you..

I wish I could Turn Back Time

I wish I could turn back time
If then I would go back to our happy days
The moments which were golden
The love which was heavenly..

Past is lost but future is here
I wish my past would be my future
Then I'll be happy whole life
Our love will be a joyful fairy tale.

I want to go back and correct my mistakes
I want all the moments back that we wasted
Past was bitter but you were with me
Future will be horrible as you are away from me.

Clustered words are piercing my heart
Its knocking my love & asking to stop it
But how can I do its not possible
In times of love its feels terrible.

I'm running away from the truth
I know I'l end up one day
Lost time never come back
So use it wise,its very precious..

Love Hurts

Thousands of promises you made in few hours.
But it took only few seconds for you to break it forever.
You soaked me in tears and went away
Was this your gift for my heartfelt love?

Now I need you but your not there
You left me alone with your painfull memories
My heart is dying to hear you once
My life is now having just no sense.

Thousands are there to change your mind
Remember they can never love you as i can
You never deserved the love that I gave you
That was my only mistake and I'll never do.

I couldnt distinguish b/w true & untrue
Even though everyone stopped me to do
Was it my mistake that I loved you?
Then I'm sorry I can never stop loving you.

You were born for me not me for you
B'coz I wasnt even there when you took birth
You say that I always disturbed you
Who actually started the love me or you?

I have been with you all the way long
Through good and bad,thick and thin
All your negatives were changed by me
Now you left the person who taught you to live.

Its easy to make someone hate you
But its very hard to make someone love you
Dont ever run away from true hearts
If then you are just fooling your own life..

My Prayers Will Protect You

Last night I could felt soo much pain
Darkness had surrounded but I was still awake
I knew that you are in trouble
My heart began to beat as double.

My wishper of devotion reached the almighty
God will reply it with no curiosity
Its for you,for your long life
Dont ignore this as u did with my love.

God will protect you as my prayers stay long
I only ask for your happiness whole day long
My love is true,my heart is honest
God will be with you and you'll be safe.

Let god give me all your pain
In exchange I'll give my all happiness
Never ever you should cry in life
Give me the tears I'll shed from my eyes.

God is with you be happy always.Somewhere here even I'm there praying for you..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Killed Me

I was the game that you played
The game of kites that always stayed
I felt glad as I was on the top
But when you got bored you just cut me off.

I fell into the dale of darkness
Where there was only whispers of loneliness
I could listen one echoed beat
As my heart was unknown that you left me.

Blood stained soul now haunting you
Come near me once I want to see you
Your memories are lingering in my heart
Cannot forget them till I'm live.

Pain of lonely nights are unbearable now
I need to quit so last goodbye
My presence will no more disturb you
Just forget me I'm leaving forever.

Ahead in life never ever cry
If tears fill your eyes my grave will bleed
Keep your lips always wide
Live your life with advanced joy.

You asked me my heart.I gave it honestly to you.You hurted it all through the life and atlast when I asked it back you just broke it and threw it away.You spoiled my life.You Killed me :-(

Please God..Call Me

Fed up of life here,call me god
I cannot bear more b'coz you made me feeble.
I'm a worthless soul,no one needs me
Now why a mercy just call me up

I'm a human who needs some joy
Dont treat me like I'm a useless toy
Burn my existence & free me away
I want to rest in peace,please come to my way.

What did I lack in my devotion?
Sincerity,determination of perfection?
I know you wont answer me
As all my prayers go unheard.

But God,you should realise one thing
There is a person who killed me alive.
Dont ever punish him for that
Just make him realise the depth of my love.

Atleast next time give me a life with him
I'll be happy and will smile all the time
I know I'm not defeated this time
I became worthless but never my love was.

Some words get pierced into heart deeply
A physical strike also wont cause such pain
Never god for anyone else,write a fate like mine
You're not giving a life then,instead killing it

You Will Miss Me One Day

Broken pieces of heart still breaking each moment
The pain of your absence is killing me every second
Without you life is equal to death
I feel sorry to god as I'm wasting a life's worth.

The world says I'm the happiest person
But do they know what lies behind my smile?
Deep inside thousands of tears bursting
For one person who doesnt even care.

People who be happy all the time
Will be lonely all their life
They will have a deadly past story
Which will include only sorry chapters.

Sreaming with pain in the scary darkness
I was lying on the floor with a broken heart
How could you walkout soo easily?
Dint you remember my worthful sacrifices?

We used to talk for hours together
Now I can barely even look at you.
You gave me the biggest position in your life
And now I'm only a option of yours.

Never mind if u dont love me
I'll love you till I'm alive
No one can ever replace you
My one true love will always be you.

Now you are young,there'll be thousands for you
But there comes a time when youth says
That day for sure,You'll remember me
By that time I'll be dead & burried in some graveyard.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our First Kiss

The world stopped turning.The space became empty.Flow of water stopped & oceans became still.The flames of volcanoes became cool.There was a complete change in the universe.A silence has gracefully fallen between two lovers.On that day two souls got united forever..

Here comes the moment of love.The wrapped fingers slowly began to separate.My eyeballs stuck as I looked those small eyes.You smiled half to me and got up in  a choatic feeling.Your fingers shivered but still managed to hold me.The touch made me melt.It had a soothing effect.The hold became tighter second by second & I was feeling vulnerable.Your legs slowly touched mine & my hands moved through the hairs on your chest.By this time you had wrapped me  completely in your arms.There was a complete sense of romance.I started loosing my control.You stared me at once & I couldn't look into your eyes.With shyness I bent my head down.

Your arms moved around my waist.You held it tight and I was just lost in your arms.The fingers played a deep romance and I felt a feeling
of honey flowing through my body.You came closer & now there is a complete feeling of love.Our hearts were beating faster,breath was completely
held on,the moment was just beyond description.I pressed myself towards you.There was no patience left anymore.Your nose touched mine,your lips were a inch away from mine.I closed my eyes & was eager for the touch.The hymns echoed from heaven & now there was a clear signal for our love from the almighty.

After sometime I opened my eyes.Don't just ask the feeling.It was heavenly!I cannot describe it as I was Speechless.All our love had come for a while on our lips.Our desire got fulfilled.Yes! We kissed for the first time.The moment was so powerful that I was thrown into the clouds and was flying in the last world.The moment of kiss was something magical.I had lived my whole life in it & for sure it gave my love a immortal realm.

As the lips parted I could feel something painful.My soul was crying and my eyes were filled with thousands of tears.I opened them and for a while
I was blank.At last the world had come back to the real state and now I realized that I had forgotten to breathe.Oh! you are magical.Your love
is something incredible.My love for you has increased in tons.I'll be with you forever and ever.I love you so much now:-)

The moment is treasured in my heart forever.The time when your lips were on mine will be preserved in the world of our love forever.Our first kiss,the symbol of our everlasting love..

Will I Ever Be The Same?

Will I ever be the same again
Will I ever get back the past;
Where I used to laugh every moment
Where sadness in life never ever meant.

Will I ever sing again
Like I used to do in my past.
Will I ever talk again
Thinking that there is no last.

Will I ever dance again like before
Where I used to break all the rules
Will I ever be free again
As I used to be before.

I know the truth..I'l get back nothing..But hoping that I'll smile once again someday..

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Always Hide My Pain

Tears flowing everytime through my eyes,
But I feel good as these tears are nice.
Everytime I cry my soul remembers you,

Its just b'coz my love is completely true.

I know I'm in the cliff of sorrow
I wont live as its very narrow
Wishing to see you one last time,
To feel you once and wish to make u mine.

I just lost you forever
But life dosent end here,I should live it clever
One lost love thousands coming,
I'l be brave & a warrior to my own life.

Remember that I once lived only for you
If today I'm dead then my grave belongs to you
Someday come to me & sit beside,
Just talk to me once & do ask one sorry.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Waiting

The tears of my eyes elapsed in  second,
It tickles my mind & reminds me the past.
I still remember that day,
When our love was completely gay.
Walking through the streets with  tightly hug
Under the droplets of honey poured from the heaven.
Fading memories started haunting my life
From the day you left me,its ll a boring life.
I loved you deeply from my heart
But why could you not realize that?
Hiding beneath the sea of pain
I still remember the day you came.
The word you whispered for the first time
Still makes me to live several times.
I still don't understand my mistake
To find out that is why I'm living
The doors of my heart still welcomes you
Come back soon & make me new.
I cannot bear this anymore
Please come back & lighten my doors.
I cannot drown more in the waves of broken dreams
Come back to my life & make me bright.
This waiting has made my life bend
I hope it will soon end..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Are Fake

You were true to me in the beginning,but now you are just cheating me.In fact,being loyal to our relationship wasn't real.It was fake.You were just acting.Each day you create a new story to prove that you were always right in your life.You always hidden your mistakes by your lies.You always been the one who takes decisions.I never used to disagree you as I  used to think that you are doing for our good.But it was my foolishness.You were just making some reasons to enjoy your life.

Psychological man's attitude often occurs that they are never satisfied with one women.But I never thought that even you were included in this.I know mistake is mine.I given you a priority in my life even after knowing that  I was only a option of yours.You made me to fall in love with you just to hurt me,just to spoil my life.You raised me up so well that I had reached the top of happiness.But when I could really feel it you dropped me down.

From now you better keep counting each day.Because your happy times are at the end.Your life is going to change.You are unknown of it as Life is Uncertain.You cannot predict anything.You still have time.Admit your mistakes,apologize and be committed to me.I promise I'll love you like anything.I'll be there when ever you need me.According to you the time you are in is enjoyment.But the truth is that its spoiling you as well as your life.So its wiser to come back to me.Be quick because tomorrow is never promised.It may be late when you reach and you may never be able to experience my true, innocent love..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Can Leave Me

My heart is not a play toy,that you can do anything with it.There is a limit for everything.You came into my life just to make everything unfair.You destroyed
my happiness.You took away all my Golden Times.You made me hate by everyone.Now even you want to walkout of my life.Its OK.You can leave.I'm not going to
stop you.I have shed oceans of tears for you.I have begged you when you left me before.But now don't expect me to do so.If you want to leave me then you can..

But remember by going away from me you just lost the best thing that you ever got in your life.
You may think that I'll forget you after sometime.I'll stop loving you.But never.How can I forget the person who taught me to love.How can I forget the love that you had given me.

There was a time when you used to cry with me when I'm in pain.You always been there when I needed you.But time changed everything.I just lost you completely.You have made a place for only you in my heart.No one could ever do that.So congratulations!

Always remember that I'm only yours.Whenever you are in trouble,when you are stressed,just close your eyes and realize the truth that you always have
someone to lean upon.When ever you are in pain dont hesitate,just give me a call.I'l always be there for you.You don't need to ask god for everything
there is someone who is always praying for your happiness.

At last when everything gets fine.After living all your life.Just sit down calmly.Relax and think about our happy moments for few seconds.Think about our past loving days and at least now realize that how much I had loved you..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do You Enjoy My Pain

You always hurt me without any reason
and I know its not a mistake,but your intension
Why you do this to me always?
Do you really enjoy my pain.

Situations which can be handled well
You never miss to make it more critical
As you realise that you're loosing something
You just blame on me and say that i did everything.

Misunderstanding is your better half
That is the reason why you cannot make me laugh
Even the things which we have enjoy
You find some mistake and spoil the joy.

You never agree your mistakes
So I always sacrifice for your sake.
I do this b'coz I Love You,
And you'll never realise this as love is nothing to you..

I Miss You

I really miss those days when we were together.Those moments that we used to spend with each other.Your that silent smile,the way you look at me,your soft pleasent voice filled with love & care,the way u call me eyes are wet..

I miss those times when we stood up on the terrace,hugging each other,enjoying the cold night breeze.i used to hug u tight as the night gets colder.I miss those soft kisses that u kiss'd on my forehead.

I remember those moments when I used to ask u to spend some time with me.You often used to get angry.But did u realise the pain now?Isn't this distance horrible?But now its too late.All that we can do is just to dwell in despair.

Will we have a day again in the future like our past?You always say yes.But when?I cannot wait more.I need to come into your arms soon.My days are all incomplete now.I cannot bear this distance anymore.Come to me soon,make me sleep on your chest & kiss me once.That is all what I'm waiting for..

I Miss You...

My Silence Speaks A Lot

Lost in the ashes of time,
I can never be back to my life.
I am here with a crying soul
Thinking about our past happy days.

Confusion has captured my heart
Silence have filled my life
Lying on the deathbed,with eyes full of tears
Hoping that you'll be back someday..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love You Sooo Muchh

When You feel bad,
My eyes gets wet
When You feel happy,
My lips go wide

When You get hurted,
My body starts bleeding
When You get cured,
my face starts glowing.

When You feel thirsty,
My throat starts drying
When You feel hungry,
My stomach starts growling

When someone else hurt You
I feel the pain more than you
When You commit a mistake
I realise it before You do.

When You begin to say something
I understand everything from your first word.
Whenever You tried lying to me
I always understood the truth before You say..

The reason for all these is very simple.Its just b'coz I Love You & Love You Soooo Muchh:-)

When You Said You Loved Me

Love was something that I ran from Dreaming was something which I escaped from Everything was fake to my eyes Nothing meant to me more than my life. I never used to bother about the future Living the present was only my aim.  The turning world seemed stuck to my eyes I was a stranger to my own life. The things I learned never came real It was all a boring life.But everything changed in a second, When you said you Loved me..