Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do You Enjoy My Pain

You always hurt me without any reason
and I know its not a mistake,but your intension
Why you do this to me always?
Do you really enjoy my pain.

Situations which can be handled well
You never miss to make it more critical
As you realise that you're loosing something
You just blame on me and say that i did everything.

Misunderstanding is your better half
That is the reason why you cannot make me laugh
Even the things which we have enjoy
You find some mistake and spoil the joy.

You never agree your mistakes
So I always sacrifice for your sake.
I do this b'coz I Love You,
And you'll never realise this as love is nothing to you..

I Miss You

I really miss those days when we were together.Those moments that we used to spend with each other.Your that silent smile,the way you look at me,your soft pleasent voice filled with love & care,the way u call me eyes are wet..

I miss those times when we stood up on the terrace,hugging each other,enjoying the cold night breeze.i used to hug u tight as the night gets colder.I miss those soft kisses that u kiss'd on my forehead.

I remember those moments when I used to ask u to spend some time with me.You often used to get angry.But did u realise the pain now?Isn't this distance horrible?But now its too late.All that we can do is just to dwell in despair.

Will we have a day again in the future like our past?You always say yes.But when?I cannot wait more.I need to come into your arms soon.My days are all incomplete now.I cannot bear this distance anymore.Come to me soon,make me sleep on your chest & kiss me once.That is all what I'm waiting for..

I Miss You...

My Silence Speaks A Lot

Lost in the ashes of time,
I can never be back to my life.
I am here with a crying soul
Thinking about our past happy days.

Confusion has captured my heart
Silence have filled my life
Lying on the deathbed,with eyes full of tears
Hoping that you'll be back someday..