Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucid Avenue

When the supreme Apollo shines in the cosmos
The sacred soul at once wake up in mirth
Cryptic mistakes are vanished in the darkness
A promised day begins to create history.

Horde of people are scattered in the soil
To run in the marathon of being a pioneer
Pleasures are in abundance yet none is satisfied
Fulfillment of desire becomes the ultimate aim.

This world is a coin having two faces
Unfortunately, only one part is noticed.
What about the other side soaked in tears?
Where the feeble is starving for the milk and bread.

When a life is taken out of the womb
Many are killed and dug deep inside the crust.
Some lips are wide with a beam of glory
Where as many eye lashes are wet in failure.

Some hands are filled with presents of sea pearl
Where as some are shivering without a shirt in winter
Depression of the celebs are deliberately focused
But the screaming voice of the needy is often unheard.

Light a lamp in a poor man's hut
Then the smell of incense will surely reach god.
Deliverance is achieved by loving each other,
Live for the needy and the almighty will stay together.

Human is a tourist to this planet earth,
One day for sure he will be taken away by death.
Now you are alive do some good deeds,
Or else the lord will never fulfill your needs.

Ferocious Emotions

Sleep is entering in the clock's eye
Within seconds it will escape into dreamland
I fail to restore my calmness, but why?
Am I a slave of ferocious emotions?

Laughter breaks in this love realm
Where miles are covered with tendered times
Soul turns passive by the fearful living
We act barbaric in the life we own.

Evanescent relations are countless in number
No affection is fixed like a city's beacon
The artistry of fake deed is a wonder
Truth of life is easily marked as a blunder

For joy, night is a gift, for sorrow it is a curse
To elude this anguish is against the nature's rule
Past is forsaken but still we weep
Some tears, I think, are never meant to be wiped.