Thursday, January 8, 2015


Though I live in a land of mud
My dreams are not less than diamonds!
I am a glimpse of an angel
Who exist in her own heaven.

They say we are just humans.
But I believe, humans are supreme.
Why should I walk when I can fly.
Live in a palanquin before you die.

Shimmering hope clears the destiny.
Walk on the path which you can see.
How far can you go for a single smile?
I don't mind traveling hundred miles!

Hoist your opinions as high as you can.
They solely makes you who you are.
Why someone's shadow when you can cast your own?
Go ahead its your life.

A Tribute to the Children of Pakistan.. Peshawar Attack..

Rooti huyi mili kuch gudiyan mujh ko..
Apni saheli se bichadne ka dard tha us mein..
Bikhri huyi mili kuch kitabein mujh ko..
Adhoori taleem ka afsoos tha un mein..
Barfile mausam mein ho rahi thi barsaat..
Kayi aankhon ka armaan jo phigal raha tha..
Jis raah par hoti thi shararetin bahut..
Ab waha se sirf siskiyan sunayi deti hain..
Us mulk ke ham nahin par woh bacche hamare hain..
Woh jazbaat bhi hamare hain woh halaat bhi hamare hain..
Ye masla na kafir ka hain na musalmaan ka hain..
Ye masla insaaniyat ka hain ye masla insaan ka hain..!!

Woh jisne bigad diya hain watan ka mustakbil..
Kya banayega woh apne aaj ko ?
Woh jisne mita diya shehar bhar ki roshni..
Raat ke andhere mein kaise sota hoga ?
Jo kho jata hain woh intekaam lene se milta agar..
Tho shouk se nikal pado inquilab keh kar..
Khoon karne se agar sukoon milta hain..
Ab tak aaabad hogaya hota ye jahan saara..
Us shehar ke ham nahin par woh log hamare hain..
Woh azaab bhi hamara hain woh sawaal bhi hamara hain..
Ye masla na kafir ka hain na musalmaan ka hain..
Ye masla insaaniyat ka hain ye masla insaan ka hain..!!

A New Love Life

When all my days shall come to an end,
I will spend the last seconds thinking about you.
Do come back for the final goodbye,
Do farewell me with a last hug.

I had walked out so many times,
Even though I always wanted to stay.
Letting go happens only in love,
Because prior isn't us its the one we love.

Don't be sorry, stand up straight.
I want to see you shining out there.
So that when I reach the heavens,
I can show them the angel of my world.

Lets hope for a life again.
Lets pray for a second birth.
Meet me there with all your heart,
And lets fall in love for once again!

Burning Love

If I was the pebble in your way..
When I moved out why didn't u walk ?
You said you have a ocean of your own..
Then why is the fire burning out there ?

You had wings, you could fly..
You cut them off now why cry ?
You said you have a shore of your own..
Then why do I find you drowning in the sea ?

If I was the reason for all the mess
When I cleared things why are you in chaos ?
You said you have a sky of your own..
Then why do I find you walking in the sand ?

I wasn't the thorn of your garden..
The flowers never existed to blossom..
You said you have a realm of your own..
Then why do I find you wandering in the streets ?

You had a path which lead nowhere..
The journey wasn't worthy at all...
Destiny is never gifted to anyone..
You need to get it by yourself..

The obstacle of your life wasn't love..
It was the hatred that existed in you..
Love never sheds it always grow..
Even though you try to cut the roots..

Unseen Love

As the falling snow faded the evening
He walked away down the lane.
All that I can recollect today,
Is the final goodbye that he waved.

It wasn't the love that went wrong,
The time itself wasn't right.
Some people love to get together,
And some get together to leave forever.

Compulsions of life killed many love.
Some given reasons and some just left.
He is unaware of what I am going through,
Though I always wanted him to know.

Lost love is agony,
Broken love is tragic.
But there is something more insane,
Its the love which goes totally unseen.


Far from the past today in the present
When I turn back the pages of yesteryear's
Chapters are incomplete with half written stories
The pages are filled with unexpressed emotions..

I could have laughed a little more
I could have cried out my heart
I could have loved more intensely
And the list of regrets goes on and on..

Those people whom I loved once
Are no more the characters of my story
When they were mine I wasn't theirs
Today I am theirs but they aren't mine..

Over the years the time shown me
Life is now there is no then
Never cage the heart you have got
Free it, let the soul fly!