Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desolated Life

Thorny bushes have filled my landscape
I want to quit,but hard to escape
With each beat & breath my soul gets pricked
This sensation is cruel,I feel like snicked.

In a second how much life changes
People whom we loved behave like strangers
Heart felt feelings turns obsolete
Smile vanishes and we look desolate.

If separation is the ending then why hearts meet?
Almighty is merciless so he makes the love greet
A shoulder to lean upon is the biggest boon
But when intention goes wrong we even hate the moon.

Everyone is unknown about their soul's beauty
We spend hours in front of mirror with clarity
Reveal the truth don't just run away

Realize your lacking it makes you gay.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Together Forever

Our love is an endless path.Everyday we travel through this beautiful journey.Many obstacles get created in our way but we are strong enough to break them.Till today eyes never met,hands never touched,footsteps never
 got printed.Miles between us yet so close.Heart beats with the same cadence and each breath is taken at the same time.Is this really possible?Can illusion turn into reality?Ah! Sometimes even I do Wonder.

His portrait smile is lively to me.His fingers sticked to one another holds my hand.Even though he is stood still we run together in our love resort.Hugging each other we spend hours in shore.Every square of chocolate we bite together.Till the last drop remains we drink water from one bottle.Pillow is torn out because we often fight but after that I sleep on his chest with no fright.Distance never matter in love.Once we feel it by our soul then life becomes beautiful with a meaningful existence.

I often gaze at the night sky thinking that one star would fall on earth and take me to my beloved.Suddenly when the moon appears my eyes at once stare at it.After a couple of minutes a beam strikes my eyeballs.I bow down my lashes and look up again and then I see his lovely appearance with a romantic sigh.To equal his presence there is no object in this universe.If ever the almighty try he will also fail as even in God I see my prince smiling.

Every wonders of the world is normal to me.I dont find any speciality in the beautiful creations of nature.I find charm only in him.If ever anyone had rights on me then its just him and forever will remain.No one ever can replace his position in my life.The one and only reason for my living is him.I'm so indulged in him that in his comparision even moon looks dusty.

My soul lives a motion with one decision.If a life then only with him
and if death comes, only in his arms.Love You Soo Muchh..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Silent Tears

Few years ago this time you were mine
Holding hands together with fingers intertwined
The world around changed but I'm still weeping
Unrelated memories in despair are deeply creeping.

Was our meeting a coincidence or a chapter of fate?
Even now its a confusion which will never abate
Love happens,it can never be created
If ever we try we end up berated.

People around declared me the happiest person
From them my reality is hidden that I'm in deep tension
When the sun rises I make my lips go wide
Soon after the sun sets my tears rush like tide.

Soul got rusted and memories vanished
I sinked completely in the ocean of blood
Love entered the coffin and is buried under
But every night I do cry in silent thunder.

Horrible Insane

Some wounds never ever heal
They give us deep pain & we kneel
 Every time eyes look the world out
Vision that appears is that past bout.

Chaotic days,longer nights
Life becomes a hell with killing fright
Advices gets ignored by soul's pleas
Even jaggery tastes like neem leaf.

In joyful moment all inflict & accompany
When grief comes no one lights a chimney
Smiling face is welcomed everywhere
Wet lashes are ignored with no care.

This insane is horrible,no longer I can bear
There must be another way with happiness in pair
I wish if someone blare me the pathway
Where I can calmly enter the solitude and lay.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Prince

One lonely night when I was gazing at the moon,Suddenly it radiated its light into my eyes.The beam was not ordinary it had a soothing effect of nectar.My lashes began a motion with a lovely cadence.A vision of a glimpse of something extraordinary waved brightly in the night sky.Hymns echoed from far away with blessings in tons.Rose petals fell on me which wiped away my destitute.By now I had lost my all strength.I inhaled deeply at once and closed my eyes to escape from this chaotic environment.

A wind blew fast from the last paradise.It whirled me up and took me away.I was wrapped by something very smooth.The touch made me feel as I'm inside some angel's feather.I intertwined my fingers with a mental anguish.Beats became faster thinking about the new boulevard.Somehow I managed to console myself and from within a ray of hope tickled me.
So I leaned back with a finite relief.

Suddenly my feet touched a flat surface.The cottony soft background left me completely.Mind was blank with no sense of thoughts.Breath became faster and my eyes opened slowly.The mystery was unbelievable.I became stuck and completely dumb.It was a wonderland with a freezing surrounding.My hairs shuffled completely through my face.At once I heard heavy footsteps nearer to me.I looked back with a feeling of fear.Fog got covered in between but it cleared soon.Now I could see something shining with seven colors.A aura bloomed with a emanation of royal scents.The presence reached closer and touched my body.I got evoked now and the chaos disappeared. Alas! That soul was my love.On that heavenly moment I met my prince for the first time.

He stared at me and smiled at once.Thousands of tears busted from our hearts.It rolled down through the cheeks with great delight.He came closer and pulled me towards his chest.There was a amazing innocence on his face.He held my neck from back of my hair and slightly kissed away the crystal of tears.My hands touched his shoulder with a eagerness of speech.My ears were striving to listen his pleasant voice.The hold became tighter and he sighed with nervousness.I nodded with a feeling of joyful expectation.His lips were moving with disguise.The eyebrows joined and the eyelids had a rhythmic flow.He took a long breath and finally decided to speech.In that solitude he uttered 'I Love You' with heartfelt affection.The moment was beyond imagination.I swear I never thought of such an experience.

From then my life changed completely.Now he have produced paths for me through which I walk.Every journey of my life is accompanied by him with lucky stars.Now my identity got revealed and life became meaningful.Things which were left incomplete before got completed.Now heart beats and I do breathe with love.He is my everything and will be forever.Let all the fortunes come in his way.Let all the comforts be at his feet.If ever he had to shed a tear let god roll it down from my eyes.

My one last wish will always be that let my soul depart from myself in his arms.I need to see those eyes when I breathe last.If then need not reach the almighty too.I Love You Soo Muchh:)


Painfull Presence

Through the foggy path of love paradise
I still walk by holding your hands tight
Your presence is a painful illusion
My heart endures this glimpse imagination.

Encountering with grief in every moonlight
My head bows down before the almighty at night
For me you were the supreme godhead
So I will get fascinated until my death.

Torments are ignored because you are a Seth
But I do love you with every beat & breath
You indulge much with this world,its you flaw
Everything is fake here realize this ultimate law.

Shivering with fear my heart gets trembled
Knowing the truth that I have lost my beloved
Today I'm savaged with life practically
But deep inside the innocence still lives strongly.