Monday, May 16, 2011

Silent Tears

Few years ago this time you were mine
Holding hands together with fingers intertwined
The world around changed but I'm still weeping
Unrelated memories in despair are deeply creeping.

Was our meeting a coincidence or a chapter of fate?
Even now its a confusion which will never abate
Love happens,it can never be created
If ever we try we end up berated.

People around declared me the happiest person
From them my reality is hidden that I'm in deep tension
When the sun rises I make my lips go wide
Soon after the sun sets my tears rush like tide.

Soul got rusted and memories vanished
I sinked completely in the ocean of blood
Love entered the coffin and is buried under
But every night I do cry in silent thunder.


  1. i love your writing. keep it up.

  2. I realy Realy ... Like ur words ... the way you hav xpress ur feelings ... is just ... incredible ... Very Few can combine in words like u ... I wish u... All good in ur life ahead...

  3. Silent Tears... It's really good... All emotions wid so simple words... You're amazing Poornima... Keep it up... :)