Monday, May 16, 2011

Horrible Insane

Some wounds never ever heal
They give us deep pain & we kneel
 Every time eyes look the world out
Vision that appears is that past bout.

Chaotic days,longer nights
Life becomes a hell with killing fright
Advices gets ignored by soul's pleas
Even jaggery tastes like neem leaf.

In joyful moment all inflict & accompany
When grief comes no one lights a chimney
Smiling face is welcomed everywhere
Wet lashes are ignored with no care.

This insane is horrible,no longer I can bear
There must be another way with happiness in pair
I wish if someone blare me the pathway
Where I can calmly enter the solitude and lay.

1 comment:

  1. pathway there is....of replacing past with present, not in words but in practice.
    Like your ideas Poornima. follow my blog...see it u like it/comment on it.