Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am There For You

Love that I gave was always denied
So all my life for you I will abide
One day you will claim me some care
That day for sure I will be there.

Cut a sandalwood, fragrance is gained
Wash out the axe but aroma gets remained
 Every timeyou hurt me my soul binds you tight
Give up and come to me to accompany my lonely nights.

May be someday the almighty steps down
Sun falls asleep and there is no day in town

Don't ever panic just inform me then
My aura will lighten you up so amen.

When life gives turns beware of those curves
Never loose the balance be always in swerves
Let your path be filled with happiness
I'm always there so you will never feel the loneliness..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Death Is Beautiful

The mystery of death is a wonder
Comparatively life becomes a blunder
We don't accompany a beating heart
But do farewell the illusion soul's cart.

People who hesitated to walk together once
Covered miles today with my coffin in cadence
Never someone wished me on my birthday
Now hundreds mumbling prayers on my death day.

I was never gifted throughout my life
Today rain of flowers abounded in rife
Everyone made my journey a funny riddle
But shedding tears now with my dead body in middle.

I was unknown of this joyful fact
If I knew I would never try to make my impact
Death is more beautiful than existence
Its better to end up than to be in this cogence.

I Deserve True Love

True love is all what I deserve
There are thousands of hearts ready to serve
You are there in my way so I'm quite
For my heart your love is still all right.

Love that you shown was so fake
It was just like drawing a line in a lake
How long will it be there?
Not even a second,it vanishes out there.

It takes few seconds to make a promise
Think twice or else it spoils the bliss
To give someone a word is always easier
Keeping it up is tough than breaking a glacier.

Youth is a guest,it walks out soon
Use it wise its a precious boon
Your destiny is apparent in action
Today your being loved,one day you will also love someone..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Will Never Forgive You

My love was a placid completely pure
The deeds I did was sacred for sure
But for you life is just a blunder
For me its worthy,so I always surrender.

I'm in solitude but I do breathe
Eternity has stood still but its thundering underneath
My heart beats faster than the rest
No one knows this as I live in a closed nest.

Make the sun bow his majesty
Let the moon show its courtesy
Bring the world right to my feet
I will not forgive you so never come to meet.

Dont regret now I"m getting provoked
Better stay away because I'm choked
You are a wild beast which has no mercy
Leave me alone let me do my heresy..

I Wish I Could Hear You

Your that pleasent lovely voice
Is recorded deep inside with rejoice
Your once breath could solve all my griefs
But now my mental anguish has no relief.

Our love itself became annoyance
It made us feeble by destroying all our sense
Something is left which brings the rememberance
I cannot stop it now as it grew dense.

All that we loved cannot be forgotten
I'm compelled by my true intention
Today I hesitate to bow down before god
He made a castaway from keeping our love broad.

A new story have began with colourful chapters
Everything is going fine with goodness in clusters
But I swear my heart is still not mended
From the day you left the happiness is all ended..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Eyes Always Search You

Eternity has stood still,now nothing left
My heart also have became a distorted art
I"m living here with a breathless soul
But when in crowd at once my eyes search you.

Now I loiter in the jungle of memories
Where day and night totally creeps
But when a partial of sun ray falls on me
In that dim light at once my eyes search you.

Life is messed up with no more hopes
Planing to end up tieing a rope
But when the droplets from roof falls on slab
In that choatic sound at once my eyes search you..

You Are Completely Mine

If ever someone had rights on you
Then it was only me never anyone new
For you this is a random truth
And you will never believe as you are a uncouth.

Beats cannot be separated from heart
You cannot erase me from god's love chart
Facts will happen no one can stop them
You should be with me,you are my lucky gem.

Without me you are incomplete
Just like clap wont come with one hand's beat
Miles between us but you have to reach me
Otherwise life will be miserable for thee.

You are my dream and my fantasy
Each moment my heart is increasing its acrasy.
You are the only reason why I'm living
Orelse even to breathe I would be striving..


You Went Far Away

Leaving me in that murky Corner
You walked out as If you were not my lover
Forcefully you took your heart from me
But some pieces were left which are still with me.

Each day when I open my eyes
A ray of hope tickles my mind
But when I realise the painfull truth
My heart stumbles like a hopeless sleuth.

My love is like the sky,it will never end
Was yours too the same?Its difficult to pretend.
Now your thoughts make me suffocated
And at last I end up frustrated.

In exchange of love a person doesnt get love
Virtuality of fakeness has increased from above
For you my heart was like a tissue paper
Now in hand the next moment into the dustbin.

The dreams that we created from deep within
Dint you feel bad by piercing it with the pin?
My fault was that I always been at your feet
May be this is the reason why you left me incomplete.

Someday I hope the sun and moon will together treat
Then that day for sure we will also meet
Till then let me battle with my rusted heart
Because it holds your memories still so tight. 

I Still Remember You

The roof of my heart is still leaking blood
I tried to close it but the beats are dead
Now what is the gain by taking a new birth?
The soul has broken and there is no love in depth.

I still walk through those lovely streets
Where our love was straight just like a fleet
How can I Abandon from loving you?
When there are still many things that makes me remember you.

The world came to my feet when I felt your touch
But I never thought this will make me wretch
I'm Entangled in your love,its impossible to escape
There is no second option so I'm living in this haunted cape.

You dont remember me now for sure
YOu were always hard with an willing power
Life went on and now it became years
But I still remember you in silent tears..

Last Night

Last Night When I Woke Up
I could see a beam of light completely wrapped up
With a bright glance the angel waved its wings
When I sat on them I felt as saturn rings.

I reached a cloud which was milky white
Where life & love was related very tight
There was a wondering spirit everywhere
First time inside me there was a heartfelt dare.

With white gowns and frizzy hair
Everyone stepp'd down with their soul pair
The enchanting beauty was beyond description
For a moment I went into conniption.

They greeted me with a smiling face
There was a round of applause with a pace
Scent of seven tress filled the air
I closed my eyes b'coz of the dazzeld glare.

The red wine was served in the crystal glass
The dine was that of a high class
All at once the pairs began to dance
The view had a deep lovely romance.

Suddenly everything came to a standstill
My dream ended & the winter night chilled
But I swear that place was heavenly
Where love is respected more than almighty..