Saturday, April 16, 2011

You Went Far Away

Leaving me in that murky Corner
You walked out as If you were not my lover
Forcefully you took your heart from me
But some pieces were left which are still with me.

Each day when I open my eyes
A ray of hope tickles my mind
But when I realise the painfull truth
My heart stumbles like a hopeless sleuth.

My love is like the sky,it will never end
Was yours too the same?Its difficult to pretend.
Now your thoughts make me suffocated
And at last I end up frustrated.

In exchange of love a person doesnt get love
Virtuality of fakeness has increased from above
For you my heart was like a tissue paper
Now in hand the next moment into the dustbin.

The dreams that we created from deep within
Dint you feel bad by piercing it with the pin?
My fault was that I always been at your feet
May be this is the reason why you left me incomplete.

Someday I hope the sun and moon will together treat
Then that day for sure we will also meet
Till then let me battle with my rusted heart
Because it holds your memories still so tight. 

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