Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annoyed Yearn

The fog of dejection couldn't blur my sight
I peep out through the flame of illusion day & night
The azure firmament sketched a portrait of you
And the grace of it makes my each second new.

The love which received thousand salute once
Now became the reason for insult in dense
Waiting for your arrival now makes no sense
But I will achieve the exalt and prevent the forever rinse.

No matter how worthless my life become
The respect I gave you will never decrease though you hesitate to come
I will foster your memories with a feather touch
My yearn is annoyed but I will manage the heart's broken clutch.

I lost somewhere inside you & failed to be vigilant
It was my first love and I was innocent
Never trust people before they assure you
Impatience in love will shower blooded dew.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Diary Pages

Did I ever tell you the measure of my love?
Did I ever show you the boundaries of my heart?
If not then I'll take you to the past love stages
Those golden days that I treasured in my diary pages.

Be careful while turning each sheet
They are soaked in blood and are not so neat
Your each word is exactly noted here
But the letters are not clear because of my fallen tears.

The first page was decorated with the ink of my heart
But you dint even care for and tore it apart
I have hardly stuck them,it is visible now
Read those promises made which deserved the applause of the God above.

The unsaid words are written completely

At least now endorse those feelings patiently
Once you prunked on me and played tune forlorn

Don't recite it again and get me a set of broken bones.

Sky Is Not My Limit

I blazed the paths of our endless love
And I could see our memories all over.
Now there is no domain left out in land
Where our love is not ardor and aware.

Come lets fly to that aglow firmament
And cuddle together in the angel's palanquin.
Break the horizons and make the lord's jealous
 Don't suppress yourself because you are my dean.

I wish I could write my love in the sky
To let you know that my affection is not a lie
I am not just another girl my heart is true
Keep faith in me and I will surely prove.

True love is a stimulus there will be an evil-eye
It is not superficial so don't give up and die
If you cannot gift love in return for love
 At least do respect such people from now.

Wearisome Sacrifices

The deeds I consecrated made me a castaway
Today I'm wrecked in love which was once the reason for gay
Love is not time's fool but we humans are
Only a few are stable but such minds are rare.

Neither the piety for the god is true
Nor the croon sung from the hearts are true
You had caste a spell on me so deeply
And now I'm a lost bark which sail trivially.

The pledge I took will last till doomsday
I will love you more though you make me to pay
You are a scamp who forbid sacrifices
So I compromise as my life is a unique oasis.

The sleet of life will timid us always
Live with spirit and be brave in every pace
Be a pioneer in caring everyone
Because eternal love expect less but gives in ton.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Love Story

Once upon a time somewhere
Lived a boy and girl perfectly paired

But the miles between them blocked the echoes
Life was moving on by searching love with chaos.

Past seven births they loved together
Almighty had declared their meeting further
Thousands of obstacles crossed their path
But not even the wild beast could tear them apart.

They were unknown about their destiny
Still they wandered for love with a hope so tiny
Many got indulged but none could stay for long

Because the psalm was mumbled by lord so strong.

Was it a coincidence or a chapter of fate?
They accidentally met even without a single date!
Yet the love was pure and crystal clear
Even the heaven bowed down when they were near.

The boy was heart and the girl became its beat
Separation of a hiccup second too made their mind pleat
Day and night appeared same in sight
Hands were held firmly in each and every plight.

The new world seemed much interesting
Everything became new due to the unknown cling
Prayers were whispered and the rituals were done
For a life together they uttered Allah,Om & Amen.

When they embraced the clouds stroked with thunder
When the lips met, the sky shed tears in sunder
The supreme spirits showered sacred blessings
Ultimately everything got done that was missing.

The wheel of time turned so fast
The love within them shattered like a blast
The commitment years before was no more alive
The boy left the girl and never ever arrived.

She broke like a mirror in complete anguish
He walked out by making her a stinky spoiled dish
If this was the ending then why did they meet?
The god is merciless he prunked by making them greet.

Love is a currency note,don't use it like a tissue
You get a life here don't make it a horrible issue
A person with a loyal heart is difficult to find
Respect such souls and be with them kind.

In this sudden stroke she became bruised
Every second she weeps with a life cursed
The flame of memories are burning with clashes
It became extreme and now she is turned into ashes.

Love someone it gives you Joy..But for joys don't love anyone..

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Are My World

When the sun rays fall through my window
My eyes get opened by the view of your shadow
My lips utters a silent I Love You
I swear my love becomes again all new.

Your presence brightens up my day
Your one smile shower flowers on my way
When my deformed soul gave up in despair
It was only you who quenched that guise fire.

Your one touch takes me to a fantastical globe
By your constricted hug I can escape from any mob
To seek God in a holy land is not my cup of tea
Because the heaven I search for is in the arms of thee.

After a lengthy day when darkness settles
I walkout from the reality with a subsiding battle
When everyone around steps out to the crowd
I devote myself in you, You are my world!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anything For You

If I get a chance to love you for a while
I would come to you crossing thousand miles
To see you smile just for once
I swear,I will break all broad fence.

If thoughts doesn't come I will blab
But will never miss the opportunity to talk
I will happily jolt your sorrows & wail
Though my life becomes a sorry tale.

To feel your touch I can smite any iron door
For a dine with you I can eat anything sour
If ever you become bewilderment in pain
I will take you to a turquoise domain.

Anything for you, I'm completely your's
Come to me anytime I'll sacrifice all my chores
You are my life and will always remain
I'll never let you go even if I get the biggest gain.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hemmed Distance

In the beginning of love everything glittered
I trusted it blindly & now I'm left scattered
People around me jerked my heart sarcastically
Even you joined them & walked out listlessly.

I was never cocky or belligerent at your mistakes
Always I was calm & indulgent for your sake
Why did you jostle me into this darkness?
Pay heed to my coax and take me out from starkness.

Days and nights appears the same
I'm outraged, stop this wiry game.
At least bring your shadow to my sight
I'm groping you please cure my plight.

I want to meet you but its a compulsion
Every second I'm brooding for a safe interaction
Stop being swaggered and lend me some prop
Or else stop hurting me from this love stob.

I Will Leave Soon

I have been longing for you all my life
Each & every second prayed for you in rife
Time passed away and you came more near
Now its all over,let me go to my pyre.

Though I quit my existence will be here
Scatter the sand you'll find my footprints very clear
Never flout against the promises made
They are precious don't let them fade.

When my memories raucous your mind
Look far away you'll find me coming like a tide
Even if your heart doesn't bequeath
Look up and watch the stars, its a myth.

Clawing for the treasures of our love
I'm waving you last, take care from now
Owing a sorry for all the mistakes done
Hope you'll forgive me for I had loved you in ton.

Lonely Nights

After every tiring desperate day
I end up on my pillow all gray
Broken dreams run all over in mind
Finally it bursts and tears roll down consigned.

The crescent moon in the clouded skies
Makes me remember those moment of joys
Covering miles with a companion is easy
To walk back alone makes us queasy.

As the night gets freeze with snow
I press my hands towards my mouth & bow
Unbearable pain took birth in flame
No ocean can quench this fire game.

I still have some trust in my love
One day I'll also fly away like a dove
My life was indulged only with you
But you broke my heart & gifted a glue.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frail Destiny

Unsaid words are getting recited
I'm weird now life got frustrated
Love has grown as big as reed
Aim got feeble and destiny frailed.

Sometimes in life people hurt condescendingly
It becomes difficult to bear so we respond unknowingly
But we get marked wrong as if they are impeccable
No one understands the anguish as its impossible.

A loving heart often gets shattered
It never gets back the care it deserved
Being affable in today's world is dangerous
Always act superior to have joy in delirious.

Memories of my past penetrated deep inside
Each day is hindered and happiness is sent aside
Never lend your heart for a fake affection
Life is not a fairy tale, always have attention.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desolated Life

Thorny bushes have filled my landscape
I want to quit,but hard to escape
With each beat & breath my soul gets pricked
This sensation is cruel,I feel like snicked.

In a second how much life changes
People whom we loved behave like strangers
Heart felt feelings turns obsolete
Smile vanishes and we look desolate.

If separation is the ending then why hearts meet?
Almighty is merciless so he makes the love greet
A shoulder to lean upon is the biggest boon
But when intention goes wrong we even hate the moon.

Everyone is unknown about their soul's beauty
We spend hours in front of mirror with clarity
Reveal the truth don't just run away

Realize your lacking it makes you gay.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Together Forever

Our love is an endless path.Everyday we travel through this beautiful journey.Many obstacles get created in our way but we are strong enough to break them.Till today eyes never met,hands never touched,footsteps never
 got printed.Miles between us yet so close.Heart beats with the same cadence and each breath is taken at the same time.Is this really possible?Can illusion turn into reality?Ah! Sometimes even I do Wonder.

His portrait smile is lively to me.His fingers sticked to one another holds my hand.Even though he is stood still we run together in our love resort.Hugging each other we spend hours in shore.Every square of chocolate we bite together.Till the last drop remains we drink water from one bottle.Pillow is torn out because we often fight but after that I sleep on his chest with no fright.Distance never matter in love.Once we feel it by our soul then life becomes beautiful with a meaningful existence.

I often gaze at the night sky thinking that one star would fall on earth and take me to my beloved.Suddenly when the moon appears my eyes at once stare at it.After a couple of minutes a beam strikes my eyeballs.I bow down my lashes and look up again and then I see his lovely appearance with a romantic sigh.To equal his presence there is no object in this universe.If ever the almighty try he will also fail as even in God I see my prince smiling.

Every wonders of the world is normal to me.I dont find any speciality in the beautiful creations of nature.I find charm only in him.If ever anyone had rights on me then its just him and forever will remain.No one ever can replace his position in my life.The one and only reason for my living is him.I'm so indulged in him that in his comparision even moon looks dusty.

My soul lives a motion with one decision.If a life then only with him
and if death comes, only in his arms.Love You Soo Muchh..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Silent Tears

Few years ago this time you were mine
Holding hands together with fingers intertwined
The world around changed but I'm still weeping
Unrelated memories in despair are deeply creeping.

Was our meeting a coincidence or a chapter of fate?
Even now its a confusion which will never abate
Love happens,it can never be created
If ever we try we end up berated.

People around declared me the happiest person
From them my reality is hidden that I'm in deep tension
When the sun rises I make my lips go wide
Soon after the sun sets my tears rush like tide.

Soul got rusted and memories vanished
I sinked completely in the ocean of blood
Love entered the coffin and is buried under
But every night I do cry in silent thunder.

Horrible Insane

Some wounds never ever heal
They give us deep pain & we kneel
 Every time eyes look the world out
Vision that appears is that past bout.

Chaotic days,longer nights
Life becomes a hell with killing fright
Advices gets ignored by soul's pleas
Even jaggery tastes like neem leaf.

In joyful moment all inflict & accompany
When grief comes no one lights a chimney
Smiling face is welcomed everywhere
Wet lashes are ignored with no care.

This insane is horrible,no longer I can bear
There must be another way with happiness in pair
I wish if someone blare me the pathway
Where I can calmly enter the solitude and lay.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Prince

One lonely night when I was gazing at the moon,Suddenly it radiated its light into my eyes.The beam was not ordinary it had a soothing effect of nectar.My lashes began a motion with a lovely cadence.A vision of a glimpse of something extraordinary waved brightly in the night sky.Hymns echoed from far away with blessings in tons.Rose petals fell on me which wiped away my destitute.By now I had lost my all strength.I inhaled deeply at once and closed my eyes to escape from this chaotic environment.

A wind blew fast from the last paradise.It whirled me up and took me away.I was wrapped by something very smooth.The touch made me feel as I'm inside some angel's feather.I intertwined my fingers with a mental anguish.Beats became faster thinking about the new boulevard.Somehow I managed to console myself and from within a ray of hope tickled me.
So I leaned back with a finite relief.

Suddenly my feet touched a flat surface.The cottony soft background left me completely.Mind was blank with no sense of thoughts.Breath became faster and my eyes opened slowly.The mystery was unbelievable.I became stuck and completely dumb.It was a wonderland with a freezing surrounding.My hairs shuffled completely through my face.At once I heard heavy footsteps nearer to me.I looked back with a feeling of fear.Fog got covered in between but it cleared soon.Now I could see something shining with seven colors.A aura bloomed with a emanation of royal scents.The presence reached closer and touched my body.I got evoked now and the chaos disappeared. Alas! That soul was my love.On that heavenly moment I met my prince for the first time.

He stared at me and smiled at once.Thousands of tears busted from our hearts.It rolled down through the cheeks with great delight.He came closer and pulled me towards his chest.There was a amazing innocence on his face.He held my neck from back of my hair and slightly kissed away the crystal of tears.My hands touched his shoulder with a eagerness of speech.My ears were striving to listen his pleasant voice.The hold became tighter and he sighed with nervousness.I nodded with a feeling of joyful expectation.His lips were moving with disguise.The eyebrows joined and the eyelids had a rhythmic flow.He took a long breath and finally decided to speech.In that solitude he uttered 'I Love You' with heartfelt affection.The moment was beyond imagination.I swear I never thought of such an experience.

From then my life changed completely.Now he have produced paths for me through which I walk.Every journey of my life is accompanied by him with lucky stars.Now my identity got revealed and life became meaningful.Things which were left incomplete before got completed.Now heart beats and I do breathe with love.He is my everything and will be forever.Let all the fortunes come in his way.Let all the comforts be at his feet.If ever he had to shed a tear let god roll it down from my eyes.

My one last wish will always be that let my soul depart from myself in his arms.I need to see those eyes when I breathe last.If then need not reach the almighty too.I Love You Soo Muchh:)


Painfull Presence

Through the foggy path of love paradise
I still walk by holding your hands tight
Your presence is a painful illusion
My heart endures this glimpse imagination.

Encountering with grief in every moonlight
My head bows down before the almighty at night
For me you were the supreme godhead
So I will get fascinated until my death.

Torments are ignored because you are a Seth
But I do love you with every beat & breath
You indulge much with this world,its you flaw
Everything is fake here realize this ultimate law.

Shivering with fear my heart gets trembled
Knowing the truth that I have lost my beloved
Today I'm savaged with life practically
But deep inside the innocence still lives strongly.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am There For You

Love that I gave was always denied
So all my life for you I will abide
One day you will claim me some care
That day for sure I will be there.

Cut a sandalwood, fragrance is gained
Wash out the axe but aroma gets remained
 Every timeyou hurt me my soul binds you tight
Give up and come to me to accompany my lonely nights.

May be someday the almighty steps down
Sun falls asleep and there is no day in town

Don't ever panic just inform me then
My aura will lighten you up so amen.

When life gives turns beware of those curves
Never loose the balance be always in swerves
Let your path be filled with happiness
I'm always there so you will never feel the loneliness..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Death Is Beautiful

The mystery of death is a wonder
Comparatively life becomes a blunder
We don't accompany a beating heart
But do farewell the illusion soul's cart.

People who hesitated to walk together once
Covered miles today with my coffin in cadence
Never someone wished me on my birthday
Now hundreds mumbling prayers on my death day.

I was never gifted throughout my life
Today rain of flowers abounded in rife
Everyone made my journey a funny riddle
But shedding tears now with my dead body in middle.

I was unknown of this joyful fact
If I knew I would never try to make my impact
Death is more beautiful than existence
Its better to end up than to be in this cogence.

I Deserve True Love

True love is all what I deserve
There are thousands of hearts ready to serve
You are there in my way so I'm quite
For my heart your love is still all right.

Love that you shown was so fake
It was just like drawing a line in a lake
How long will it be there?
Not even a second,it vanishes out there.

It takes few seconds to make a promise
Think twice or else it spoils the bliss
To give someone a word is always easier
Keeping it up is tough than breaking a glacier.

Youth is a guest,it walks out soon
Use it wise its a precious boon
Your destiny is apparent in action
Today your being loved,one day you will also love someone..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Will Never Forgive You

My love was a placid completely pure
The deeds I did was sacred for sure
But for you life is just a blunder
For me its worthy,so I always surrender.

I'm in solitude but I do breathe
Eternity has stood still but its thundering underneath
My heart beats faster than the rest
No one knows this as I live in a closed nest.

Make the sun bow his majesty
Let the moon show its courtesy
Bring the world right to my feet
I will not forgive you so never come to meet.

Dont regret now I"m getting provoked
Better stay away because I'm choked
You are a wild beast which has no mercy
Leave me alone let me do my heresy..

I Wish I Could Hear You

Your that pleasent lovely voice
Is recorded deep inside with rejoice
Your once breath could solve all my griefs
But now my mental anguish has no relief.

Our love itself became annoyance
It made us feeble by destroying all our sense
Something is left which brings the rememberance
I cannot stop it now as it grew dense.

All that we loved cannot be forgotten
I'm compelled by my true intention
Today I hesitate to bow down before god
He made a castaway from keeping our love broad.

A new story have began with colourful chapters
Everything is going fine with goodness in clusters
But I swear my heart is still not mended
From the day you left the happiness is all ended..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Eyes Always Search You

Eternity has stood still,now nothing left
My heart also have became a distorted art
I"m living here with a breathless soul
But when in crowd at once my eyes search you.

Now I loiter in the jungle of memories
Where day and night totally creeps
But when a partial of sun ray falls on me
In that dim light at once my eyes search you.

Life is messed up with no more hopes
Planing to end up tieing a rope
But when the droplets from roof falls on slab
In that choatic sound at once my eyes search you..

You Are Completely Mine

If ever someone had rights on you
Then it was only me never anyone new
For you this is a random truth
And you will never believe as you are a uncouth.

Beats cannot be separated from heart
You cannot erase me from god's love chart
Facts will happen no one can stop them
You should be with me,you are my lucky gem.

Without me you are incomplete
Just like clap wont come with one hand's beat
Miles between us but you have to reach me
Otherwise life will be miserable for thee.

You are my dream and my fantasy
Each moment my heart is increasing its acrasy.
You are the only reason why I'm living
Orelse even to breathe I would be striving..


You Went Far Away

Leaving me in that murky Corner
You walked out as If you were not my lover
Forcefully you took your heart from me
But some pieces were left which are still with me.

Each day when I open my eyes
A ray of hope tickles my mind
But when I realise the painfull truth
My heart stumbles like a hopeless sleuth.

My love is like the sky,it will never end
Was yours too the same?Its difficult to pretend.
Now your thoughts make me suffocated
And at last I end up frustrated.

In exchange of love a person doesnt get love
Virtuality of fakeness has increased from above
For you my heart was like a tissue paper
Now in hand the next moment into the dustbin.

The dreams that we created from deep within
Dint you feel bad by piercing it with the pin?
My fault was that I always been at your feet
May be this is the reason why you left me incomplete.

Someday I hope the sun and moon will together treat
Then that day for sure we will also meet
Till then let me battle with my rusted heart
Because it holds your memories still so tight. 

I Still Remember You

The roof of my heart is still leaking blood
I tried to close it but the beats are dead
Now what is the gain by taking a new birth?
The soul has broken and there is no love in depth.

I still walk through those lovely streets
Where our love was straight just like a fleet
How can I Abandon from loving you?
When there are still many things that makes me remember you.

The world came to my feet when I felt your touch
But I never thought this will make me wretch
I'm Entangled in your love,its impossible to escape
There is no second option so I'm living in this haunted cape.

You dont remember me now for sure
YOu were always hard with an willing power
Life went on and now it became years
But I still remember you in silent tears..

Last Night

Last Night When I Woke Up
I could see a beam of light completely wrapped up
With a bright glance the angel waved its wings
When I sat on them I felt as saturn rings.

I reached a cloud which was milky white
Where life & love was related very tight
There was a wondering spirit everywhere
First time inside me there was a heartfelt dare.

With white gowns and frizzy hair
Everyone stepp'd down with their soul pair
The enchanting beauty was beyond description
For a moment I went into conniption.

They greeted me with a smiling face
There was a round of applause with a pace
Scent of seven tress filled the air
I closed my eyes b'coz of the dazzeld glare.

The red wine was served in the crystal glass
The dine was that of a high class
All at once the pairs began to dance
The view had a deep lovely romance.

Suddenly everything came to a standstill
My dream ended & the winter night chilled
But I swear that place was heavenly
Where love is respected more than almighty..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Pain Is Hidden From This World

Days passed to months & now it became years
But I still cry in silent tears
Everything changed,everyone left
But I'm still there where I was before.

My lashes are always wet with a warm feeling
My cheeks are bright with crystal of tears
Hands pressed tightly towards my lips
I control myself from bursting out.

I'm lost somewhere,its impossible to come back
The unsaid words are piercing my heart
Deep within I'm still bleeding
There was no other option,so I left you conceding.

Stare at me you will find tears in my eyes

Observe me carefully I behave fakely
My smile is portrait so its always still
But my pain is hidden from this world.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letting To Go Is Very Difficult

I remember that lovely day
When you smiled at me & said that you love me
I was never so keen to answer
But I couldn't run away from that true glancer.

Your one word could controll my bursting anger
Your once touch made my injuries heal faster
You were so delicate with a innocent heart
But what made you change & leave me apart?

Now my sleeps have no more dreams
Everytime nightmares comes & makes me scream
My love got shattered & life became aimless
The friendship that we shared too became worthless.

You asked me to leave you so I left
I can sacrifice anything for your happiness
I made myself strong to not disturb you
But the truth is that I cry every second for you..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eternity Of Love

Love is a eternity,it never ends.We loose everything in love but the memories remains forever.The candle of hope gets extinguished in our heart.The world that we made for ourselves ends within minutes.We shed thousands of tears
but no one can hear the voice of it.Our heart breaks so loudly that it deafens this world.Sometimes god become so cruel to us.The truth remains unnoticed & the fake wins.There are times when we come together only to get separated.I think the almighty never know the pain of loosing love.If he ever had then he would never be sending love to the earth.

You stole my happy times & gave me echoed sorrows.Whenever I remember them it reflects me again & again.You shown me a moon which even appears on the dark eclipse days.You gave me a life which never ends even if I wish to.You made your love as my destiny & now I'm in search of it.You made my life a maze.All my journeys became worthless as I reach the same point from where I had began.You made me to loose myself & today my identity is hidden from me itself.

My life has become a pleasurable adventure now.Now my enthusiasm is to explore a new space.Where the tides in the ocean will wait for my feet to flow on.The fluffy clouds will come down to fly me to the moon.The beautiful sunset will wave me with tears.Ancient woodlands will surround my home.Trumpeters will sing the melodies of love.Flowers will blossom even in the autumn.Roses will have no more thorns & the cactus will give a softly touch.The light will show no shadow & the darkness will reveal my identity.

Everything will be changed except my love.It will remain the same forever & ever..

I am Afraid Of Love

I'm not afraid of the early mornings where I have to harm my sleep & obey the nature rules.
I'm not afraid of the sun whose rays fall on my skin,go beneath & cause burns.
I'm not afraid of this world where everything happens fakely.
I'm not afraid of the endurance that my life gives me.
I'm not afraid of the people who have a portrait smile & a scary heart.
I'm not afraid of the wild beast which comes on my way.
I'm not afraid of the dark eclipse where the moon is almost invicible.
I'm not afraid of my competitors even though they are invincible.
I'm not afraid of my future which is in the hands of the almighty.

I'm afraid of only one thing.I run away only from one truth;"Love"..
It comes to our life like a rainbow.We wait for it very eagerly.When it comes it fills our moment with great joy.We get shackled to it for a while.But in the next second in disappears.Only a beautiful dream remains & the reality vanishes.To see it for the next time we have to wait a longway..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did You Really Mean That Goodbye?

When you left me I thought you were kidding
Everytime you did this so It was not a great thing
I waited all day long but you never came
Wasn't you joking?Did you really mean that goodbye?         

What mistake did I commit that you walked out?
living for you each second was all what I did
When you said that you need some shadow
I even din't mind to keep my hands on the sun.                             

Just remember those days when you were not well
I used to be awake whole night to make you sleep
You forget your medicines & get involved in works
But I always remembered it & never missed it even for a time.

Whenever you asked me something
I never said no instead I always did that thing
There are times when I hurted you
But each time I made you cry I got more closer to you.

So was this goodbye you gifted me?
For all my hearfelt love was this your reward?
If then its ok I'm not sad
Whatever you give me is precious to me..:)

Zindagi Ki Adhoori Dastaan

Kabhi lautkar na aanewaala ye pal

Dil mei doobe gehre yaadon ki aahat

Ki gayi galtiyon ki paschyatap

Sehne ko mushkil ho rahi tanhayi

Phir bhi,

Dil se muskurane ki tamanna rekhte huye

Ek haseen kal ki intezaar mei, mai nikal padi.

Lekin manzil, abhi bhi bahut door...

I Wish We Were Together Today

I wish we were together today
The moment would be cherished all the way
I could bring you anything you ask for
Keeping you happy is always my chore.

I wish you were in my arms
I would be holding you tight without any harms
I wish you were sleeping on my lap
Moving my fingers through your hairs would make me feel fab.

I wish you were near me
I could have done all your works like a bee
I could have brought a heaven for you
I could have made the moon greet you..

I can do anything for you..My life, My soul, My everything is just yours..For today & forever..I'm only yours..

One Day I Will Be Alive Again

There is someone dead inside me..A soul which was real.It was my identity, In fact it was me,"I lived in a palace of royal traditions where
everything was golden.I always laughed with my heart.The smile I used to give was not fake.My dreams were tender with a heart so sensitive.My mind was so pure where only thoughts of almighty lived.But suddenly one day my heartbeats got faster.The world seemed to be stopped.Everything around me appeared different.The season became fresh & the flowers blossomed again.Days became short & nights became long.I felt a feeling,very deep & special.There was a complete change in my life.I thought that some miracle had taken place.But no,the truth was that I had fallen in love with you..

I got addicted to this wonderland.Everything in our world was heavenly.Every moment gave a new life.Every mornings gave heart full of happiness.There was no second which made me sad.The land of our world was a part of heaven.You made your every promises here.All your gifts were opened here.All our love was
shared here.I could see nothing except your those lovely eyes.Each time you touched me I got lives for next seven births.You were different from this world.You were unique.

You loved me so much that I gave you my heart in return thinking that you are mine forever.But one fine morning when you walked out without any reason my heart broke into pieces.I had given it to you to keep it safe but you destroyed it.My life completely got finished.All my dreams got shattered.I could not just stand on my feet.After you left many changes took place.I really had a tough time.Life became horrible and even death ran away from me.Even my shadow waved a goodbye.I became completely alone.

Time healed everything, but only from outside.Deep inside there are still millions of tears bursting.There are many wounds still bleeding.Each beats of my heart still takes your name and every time I breath I can feel your fragrance.Now I am alive to this world but for me I'm still dead.I don't want to rise again
because once I come up then i will forget you.I will be so strong that your name will be erased from my life.

May be there is no another option.All that I can do is to throw you out of my life.To burn up your memories & tear your love out.Once I wake up then no one can stop me.I will bring this world to my feet.I will do it one day.I have to do it.One day, I will be alive again..