Monday, February 14, 2011

Eternity Of Love

Love is a eternity,it never ends.We loose everything in love but the memories remains forever.The candle of hope gets extinguished in our heart.The world that we made for ourselves ends within minutes.We shed thousands of tears
but no one can hear the voice of it.Our heart breaks so loudly that it deafens this world.Sometimes god become so cruel to us.The truth remains unnoticed & the fake wins.There are times when we come together only to get separated.I think the almighty never know the pain of loosing love.If he ever had then he would never be sending love to the earth.

You stole my happy times & gave me echoed sorrows.Whenever I remember them it reflects me again & again.You shown me a moon which even appears on the dark eclipse days.You gave me a life which never ends even if I wish to.You made your love as my destiny & now I'm in search of it.You made my life a maze.All my journeys became worthless as I reach the same point from where I had began.You made me to loose myself & today my identity is hidden from me itself.

My life has become a pleasurable adventure now.Now my enthusiasm is to explore a new space.Where the tides in the ocean will wait for my feet to flow on.The fluffy clouds will come down to fly me to the moon.The beautiful sunset will wave me with tears.Ancient woodlands will surround my home.Trumpeters will sing the melodies of love.Flowers will blossom even in the autumn.Roses will have no more thorns & the cactus will give a softly touch.The light will show no shadow & the darkness will reveal my identity.

Everything will be changed except my love.It will remain the same forever & ever..

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