Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anything For You

If I get a chance to love you for a while
I would come to you crossing thousand miles
To see you smile just for once
I swear,I will break all broad fence.

If thoughts doesn't come I will blab
But will never miss the opportunity to talk
I will happily jolt your sorrows & wail
Though my life becomes a sorry tale.

To feel your touch I can smite any iron door
For a dine with you I can eat anything sour
If ever you become bewilderment in pain
I will take you to a turquoise domain.

Anything for you, I'm completely your's
Come to me anytime I'll sacrifice all my chores
You are my life and will always remain
I'll never let you go even if I get the biggest gain.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hemmed Distance

In the beginning of love everything glittered
I trusted it blindly & now I'm left scattered
People around me jerked my heart sarcastically
Even you joined them & walked out listlessly.

I was never cocky or belligerent at your mistakes
Always I was calm & indulgent for your sake
Why did you jostle me into this darkness?
Pay heed to my coax and take me out from starkness.

Days and nights appears the same
I'm outraged, stop this wiry game.
At least bring your shadow to my sight
I'm groping you please cure my plight.

I want to meet you but its a compulsion
Every second I'm brooding for a safe interaction
Stop being swaggered and lend me some prop
Or else stop hurting me from this love stob.

I Will Leave Soon

I have been longing for you all my life
Each & every second prayed for you in rife
Time passed away and you came more near
Now its all over,let me go to my pyre.

Though I quit my existence will be here
Scatter the sand you'll find my footprints very clear
Never flout against the promises made
They are precious don't let them fade.

When my memories raucous your mind
Look far away you'll find me coming like a tide
Even if your heart doesn't bequeath
Look up and watch the stars, its a myth.

Clawing for the treasures of our love
I'm waving you last, take care from now
Owing a sorry for all the mistakes done
Hope you'll forgive me for I had loved you in ton.

Lonely Nights

After every tiring desperate day
I end up on my pillow all gray
Broken dreams run all over in mind
Finally it bursts and tears roll down consigned.

The crescent moon in the clouded skies
Makes me remember those moment of joys
Covering miles with a companion is easy
To walk back alone makes us queasy.

As the night gets freeze with snow
I press my hands towards my mouth & bow
Unbearable pain took birth in flame
No ocean can quench this fire game.

I still have some trust in my love
One day I'll also fly away like a dove
My life was indulged only with you
But you broke my heart & gifted a glue.