Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Diary Pages

Did I ever tell you the measure of my love?
Did I ever show you the boundaries of my heart?
If not then I'll take you to the past love stages
Those golden days that I treasured in my diary pages.

Be careful while turning each sheet
They are soaked in blood and are not so neat
Your each word is exactly noted here
But the letters are not clear because of my fallen tears.

The first page was decorated with the ink of my heart
But you dint even care for and tore it apart
I have hardly stuck them,it is visible now
Read those promises made which deserved the applause of the God above.

The unsaid words are written completely

At least now endorse those feelings patiently
Once you prunked on me and played tune forlorn

Don't recite it again and get me a set of broken bones.

Sky Is Not My Limit

I blazed the paths of our endless love
And I could see our memories all over.
Now there is no domain left out in land
Where our love is not ardor and aware.

Come lets fly to that aglow firmament
And cuddle together in the angel's palanquin.
Break the horizons and make the lord's jealous
 Don't suppress yourself because you are my dean.

I wish I could write my love in the sky
To let you know that my affection is not a lie
I am not just another girl my heart is true
Keep faith in me and I will surely prove.

True love is a stimulus there will be an evil-eye
It is not superficial so don't give up and die
If you cannot gift love in return for love
 At least do respect such people from now.

Wearisome Sacrifices

The deeds I consecrated made me a castaway
Today I'm wrecked in love which was once the reason for gay
Love is not time's fool but we humans are
Only a few are stable but such minds are rare.

Neither the piety for the god is true
Nor the croon sung from the hearts are true
You had caste a spell on me so deeply
And now I'm a lost bark which sail trivially.

The pledge I took will last till doomsday
I will love you more though you make me to pay
You are a scamp who forbid sacrifices
So I compromise as my life is a unique oasis.

The sleet of life will timid us always
Live with spirit and be brave in every pace
Be a pioneer in caring everyone
Because eternal love expect less but gives in ton.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Love Story

Once upon a time somewhere
Lived a boy and girl perfectly paired

But the miles between them blocked the echoes
Life was moving on by searching love with chaos.

Past seven births they loved together
Almighty had declared their meeting further
Thousands of obstacles crossed their path
But not even the wild beast could tear them apart.

They were unknown about their destiny
Still they wandered for love with a hope so tiny
Many got indulged but none could stay for long

Because the psalm was mumbled by lord so strong.

Was it a coincidence or a chapter of fate?
They accidentally met even without a single date!
Yet the love was pure and crystal clear
Even the heaven bowed down when they were near.

The boy was heart and the girl became its beat
Separation of a hiccup second too made their mind pleat
Day and night appeared same in sight
Hands were held firmly in each and every plight.

The new world seemed much interesting
Everything became new due to the unknown cling
Prayers were whispered and the rituals were done
For a life together they uttered Allah,Om & Amen.

When they embraced the clouds stroked with thunder
When the lips met, the sky shed tears in sunder
The supreme spirits showered sacred blessings
Ultimately everything got done that was missing.

The wheel of time turned so fast
The love within them shattered like a blast
The commitment years before was no more alive
The boy left the girl and never ever arrived.

She broke like a mirror in complete anguish
He walked out by making her a stinky spoiled dish
If this was the ending then why did they meet?
The god is merciless he prunked by making them greet.

Love is a currency note,don't use it like a tissue
You get a life here don't make it a horrible issue
A person with a loyal heart is difficult to find
Respect such souls and be with them kind.

In this sudden stroke she became bruised
Every second she weeps with a life cursed
The flame of memories are burning with clashes
It became extreme and now she is turned into ashes.

Love someone it gives you Joy..But for joys don't love anyone..

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Are My World

When the sun rays fall through my window
My eyes get opened by the view of your shadow
My lips utters a silent I Love You
I swear my love becomes again all new.

Your presence brightens up my day
Your one smile shower flowers on my way
When my deformed soul gave up in despair
It was only you who quenched that guise fire.

Your one touch takes me to a fantastical globe
By your constricted hug I can escape from any mob
To seek God in a holy land is not my cup of tea
Because the heaven I search for is in the arms of thee.

After a lengthy day when darkness settles
I walkout from the reality with a subsiding battle
When everyone around steps out to the crowd
I devote myself in you, You are my world!