Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sky Is Not My Limit

I blazed the paths of our endless love
And I could see our memories all over.
Now there is no domain left out in land
Where our love is not ardor and aware.

Come lets fly to that aglow firmament
And cuddle together in the angel's palanquin.
Break the horizons and make the lord's jealous
 Don't suppress yourself because you are my dean.

I wish I could write my love in the sky
To let you know that my affection is not a lie
I am not just another girl my heart is true
Keep faith in me and I will surely prove.

True love is a stimulus there will be an evil-eye
It is not superficial so don't give up and die
If you cannot gift love in return for love
 At least do respect such people from now.


  1. fantastic yaar, love this. it seems that u were in love before.but excellent writing yaar.

  2. wow !!! nyc text ... each n every thoughts is universal ..... ppl definitely impress coz its happened .. n writing is that if ppl write for all :)