Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wearisome Sacrifices

The deeds I consecrated made me a castaway
Today I'm wrecked in love which was once the reason for gay
Love is not time's fool but we humans are
Only a few are stable but such minds are rare.

Neither the piety for the god is true
Nor the croon sung from the hearts are true
You had caste a spell on me so deeply
And now I'm a lost bark which sail trivially.

The pledge I took will last till doomsday
I will love you more though you make me to pay
You are a scamp who forbid sacrifices
So I compromise as my life is a unique oasis.

The sleet of life will timid us always
Live with spirit and be brave in every pace
Be a pioneer in caring everyone
Because eternal love expect less but gives in ton.