Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kahin Kabr Par Phool Hain Khile

Poem - Poornima Nambiar

Voice - Poornima Nambiar 
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Waving Evening

Birds flew back from a tiring day
The breeze all set to freeze the time
Sea awaits the sun to drown
And the evening is slowly waving down

Memories are running through my veins

Picking up the moments from the past again
To the rising moon is all I owe
It knows how much tears I shed then and now

Fading light dims the way
The lamp of secrets illuminates the street
Bundles of papers yet to be opened
Incomplete stories now to be written

Sitting beside my window grills
I welcome the night coming to me
Remembering the elapsed dreams of yesteryear's
I rest back on the pillow with silent tears!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Far Can I Go ?

How far can I go to live for once ?
Behind the mountains, over the oceans or above the clouds.
There is one breath that I hold upon
The rest is less the rest is agony.

Moonlight enters through my broken window
My nights aren't dark but my thoughts are.
Why should I weep when I can cherish ?
Lets not get puzzled and solve the chaos.

I live in a realm that I own
Let me rule it not someone else.
Scorched heat can break my skin,
But not my soul or my heart.

Desperate emotions dwindle happiness
Lets have faith in destinies suspense.
Be a magician and shock the life,
Let the applause of the almighty keep the show on !

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Misty Morning

And a day is up with misty morning..
Me and my past are cuddling again..
Rays of hope screaming loud..
Hey soul, step out of the worldly pain..

Moving the curtains of flickering thoughts..

I'm trying to fix my mind at one spot..
Its your fate you must live it..
No matter what you gain or what you have lost..

Walk away when the past is melting..
There will be ways, just move..
Sip on joy and nourish yourself..
You have the time now, just pursue..

A dew of last night fell on me..
It made me clean like a all new sky..
Pleasures are abundant just find them..
Live now may be next is your turn to die..