Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Pain Is Hidden From This World

Days passed to months & now it became years
But I still cry in silent tears
Everything changed,everyone left
But I'm still there where I was before.

My lashes are always wet with a warm feeling
My cheeks are bright with crystal of tears
Hands pressed tightly towards my lips
I control myself from bursting out.

I'm lost somewhere,its impossible to come back
The unsaid words are piercing my heart
Deep within I'm still bleeding
There was no other option,so I left you conceding.

Stare at me you will find tears in my eyes

Observe me carefully I behave fakely
My smile is portrait so its always still
But my pain is hidden from this world.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letting To Go Is Very Difficult

I remember that lovely day
When you smiled at me & said that you love me
I was never so keen to answer
But I couldn't run away from that true glancer.

Your one word could controll my bursting anger
Your once touch made my injuries heal faster
You were so delicate with a innocent heart
But what made you change & leave me apart?

Now my sleeps have no more dreams
Everytime nightmares comes & makes me scream
My love got shattered & life became aimless
The friendship that we shared too became worthless.

You asked me to leave you so I left
I can sacrifice anything for your happiness
I made myself strong to not disturb you
But the truth is that I cry every second for you..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eternity Of Love

Love is a eternity,it never ends.We loose everything in love but the memories remains forever.The candle of hope gets extinguished in our heart.The world that we made for ourselves ends within minutes.We shed thousands of tears
but no one can hear the voice of it.Our heart breaks so loudly that it deafens this world.Sometimes god become so cruel to us.The truth remains unnoticed & the fake wins.There are times when we come together only to get separated.I think the almighty never know the pain of loosing love.If he ever had then he would never be sending love to the earth.

You stole my happy times & gave me echoed sorrows.Whenever I remember them it reflects me again & again.You shown me a moon which even appears on the dark eclipse days.You gave me a life which never ends even if I wish to.You made your love as my destiny & now I'm in search of it.You made my life a maze.All my journeys became worthless as I reach the same point from where I had began.You made me to loose myself & today my identity is hidden from me itself.

My life has become a pleasurable adventure now.Now my enthusiasm is to explore a new space.Where the tides in the ocean will wait for my feet to flow on.The fluffy clouds will come down to fly me to the moon.The beautiful sunset will wave me with tears.Ancient woodlands will surround my home.Trumpeters will sing the melodies of love.Flowers will blossom even in the autumn.Roses will have no more thorns & the cactus will give a softly touch.The light will show no shadow & the darkness will reveal my identity.

Everything will be changed except my love.It will remain the same forever & ever..

I am Afraid Of Love

I'm not afraid of the early mornings where I have to harm my sleep & obey the nature rules.
I'm not afraid of the sun whose rays fall on my skin,go beneath & cause burns.
I'm not afraid of this world where everything happens fakely.
I'm not afraid of the endurance that my life gives me.
I'm not afraid of the people who have a portrait smile & a scary heart.
I'm not afraid of the wild beast which comes on my way.
I'm not afraid of the dark eclipse where the moon is almost invicible.
I'm not afraid of my competitors even though they are invincible.
I'm not afraid of my future which is in the hands of the almighty.

I'm afraid of only one thing.I run away only from one truth;"Love"..
It comes to our life like a rainbow.We wait for it very eagerly.When it comes it fills our moment with great joy.We get shackled to it for a while.But in the next second in disappears.Only a beautiful dream remains & the reality vanishes.To see it for the next time we have to wait a longway..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did You Really Mean That Goodbye?

When you left me I thought you were kidding
Everytime you did this so It was not a great thing
I waited all day long but you never came
Wasn't you joking?Did you really mean that goodbye?         

What mistake did I commit that you walked out?
living for you each second was all what I did
When you said that you need some shadow
I even din't mind to keep my hands on the sun.                             

Just remember those days when you were not well
I used to be awake whole night to make you sleep
You forget your medicines & get involved in works
But I always remembered it & never missed it even for a time.

Whenever you asked me something
I never said no instead I always did that thing
There are times when I hurted you
But each time I made you cry I got more closer to you.

So was this goodbye you gifted me?
For all my hearfelt love was this your reward?
If then its ok I'm not sad
Whatever you give me is precious to me..:)

Zindagi Ki Adhoori Dastaan

Kabhi lautkar na aanewaala ye pal

Dil mei doobe gehre yaadon ki aahat

Ki gayi galtiyon ki paschyatap

Sehne ko mushkil ho rahi tanhayi

Phir bhi,

Dil se muskurane ki tamanna rekhte huye

Ek haseen kal ki intezaar mei, mai nikal padi.

Lekin manzil, abhi bhi bahut door...

I Wish We Were Together Today

I wish we were together today
The moment would be cherished all the way
I could bring you anything you ask for
Keeping you happy is always my chore.

I wish you were in my arms
I would be holding you tight without any harms
I wish you were sleeping on my lap
Moving my fingers through your hairs would make me feel fab.

I wish you were near me
I could have done all your works like a bee
I could have brought a heaven for you
I could have made the moon greet you..

I can do anything for you..My life, My soul, My everything is just yours..For today & forever..I'm only yours..

One Day I Will Be Alive Again

There is someone dead inside me..A soul which was real.It was my identity, In fact it was me,"I lived in a palace of royal traditions where
everything was golden.I always laughed with my heart.The smile I used to give was not fake.My dreams were tender with a heart so sensitive.My mind was so pure where only thoughts of almighty lived.But suddenly one day my heartbeats got faster.The world seemed to be stopped.Everything around me appeared different.The season became fresh & the flowers blossomed again.Days became short & nights became long.I felt a feeling,very deep & special.There was a complete change in my life.I thought that some miracle had taken place.But no,the truth was that I had fallen in love with you..

I got addicted to this wonderland.Everything in our world was heavenly.Every moment gave a new life.Every mornings gave heart full of happiness.There was no second which made me sad.The land of our world was a part of heaven.You made your every promises here.All your gifts were opened here.All our love was
shared here.I could see nothing except your those lovely eyes.Each time you touched me I got lives for next seven births.You were different from this world.You were unique.

You loved me so much that I gave you my heart in return thinking that you are mine forever.But one fine morning when you walked out without any reason my heart broke into pieces.I had given it to you to keep it safe but you destroyed it.My life completely got finished.All my dreams got shattered.I could not just stand on my feet.After you left many changes took place.I really had a tough time.Life became horrible and even death ran away from me.Even my shadow waved a goodbye.I became completely alone.

Time healed everything, but only from outside.Deep inside there are still millions of tears bursting.There are many wounds still bleeding.Each beats of my heart still takes your name and every time I breath I can feel your fragrance.Now I am alive to this world but for me I'm still dead.I don't want to rise again
because once I come up then i will forget you.I will be so strong that your name will be erased from my life.

May be there is no another option.All that I can do is to throw you out of my life.To burn up your memories & tear your love out.Once I wake up then no one can stop me.I will bring this world to my feet.I will do it one day.I have to do it.One day, I will be alive again..