Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Day I Will Be Alive Again

There is someone dead inside me..A soul which was real.It was my identity, In fact it was me,"I lived in a palace of royal traditions where
everything was golden.I always laughed with my heart.The smile I used to give was not fake.My dreams were tender with a heart so sensitive.My mind was so pure where only thoughts of almighty lived.But suddenly one day my heartbeats got faster.The world seemed to be stopped.Everything around me appeared different.The season became fresh & the flowers blossomed again.Days became short & nights became long.I felt a feeling,very deep & special.There was a complete change in my life.I thought that some miracle had taken place.But no,the truth was that I had fallen in love with you..

I got addicted to this wonderland.Everything in our world was heavenly.Every moment gave a new life.Every mornings gave heart full of happiness.There was no second which made me sad.The land of our world was a part of heaven.You made your every promises here.All your gifts were opened here.All our love was
shared here.I could see nothing except your those lovely eyes.Each time you touched me I got lives for next seven births.You were different from this world.You were unique.

You loved me so much that I gave you my heart in return thinking that you are mine forever.But one fine morning when you walked out without any reason my heart broke into pieces.I had given it to you to keep it safe but you destroyed it.My life completely got finished.All my dreams got shattered.I could not just stand on my feet.After you left many changes took place.I really had a tough time.Life became horrible and even death ran away from me.Even my shadow waved a goodbye.I became completely alone.

Time healed everything, but only from outside.Deep inside there are still millions of tears bursting.There are many wounds still bleeding.Each beats of my heart still takes your name and every time I breath I can feel your fragrance.Now I am alive to this world but for me I'm still dead.I don't want to rise again
because once I come up then i will forget you.I will be so strong that your name will be erased from my life.

May be there is no another option.All that I can do is to throw you out of my life.To burn up your memories & tear your love out.Once I wake up then no one can stop me.I will bring this world to my feet.I will do it one day.I have to do it.One day, I will be alive again..

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