Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Have Changed Completely

Its unbelievable sometimes that how much I have changed to myself.Because it was unexpected.I never thought that such a twist will take place in my life.I have changed completely but not as I wanted to.All my dreams got shattered.Everyone whom I loved departed from me.People who used to care for me each and every moment now don't even look at me.People who used to laugh at my silly jokes now don't even smile for my funniest sayings.

I used to talk without any reason all day long.But now silence has filled my life completely.I used to laugh always with my heart & now happiness is a stranger to my life.Living each moment of life was my only policy & now I'm living with a breathless motion.Never thought that I will change like this.Never thought that such a day will come in my life.Sometimes I wonder that how can a girl like me live like this today.

I know mistake is completely mine.But love doesn't seek permission & come to our life.It happens accidentally.Its the writing of fate.No one can dare enough to challenge it.I'm a normal human being who takes life as it comes.I loved you & that is never a mistake.You dint realize my love that is the wrong part of my fate.Never mind if you don't love me.I wont forcefully make you mine.Its your life & I'm no one to decide.But remember that no one can ever love you like me because true love in life wont happen again & again..

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