Friday, December 17, 2010

Please Dont Ignore Me

As time passes the pain in me is increasing.It has now become unbearable.The reason is as white as milk.Its that you are ignoring me.That breaks my heart.Why you do like this to me?with great difficulty when I call you why are you not answering me?I trust you so much so I'm feeling that you are kidding with me.Is that true?Please reply me.What the great mistake i did that you are hating me like this?My heart has already broken.Now don't break even the broken pieces.Are you so cruel?Do you really enjoy my pain?

I'm dying here to hear your voice once.Just remember those days were we used to talk for hours together.Those moments that was heavenly.Remember those songs that you used to sing for me.No you cant.If you do then you'll break.You'll cry very badly.Because that much we had loved each other.Why are you breaking such a precious relationship?Do you think there is someone else who can love you more than me?If then go and search.You'll only give up & come back to me.Because god paired us & you cannot break us apart.

Every day I open your gifts again & again.I read all our letters thousands of times.I have been spending all my time in your thoughts.My days & nights are incomplete now.Everything in my life have changed now.I don't feel like I'm living.Just a breathless soul all weal,all alone.Please take out 1 minute for me and call me.I'll be happy & stop crying.Please,I beg you.At least now understand that You mean the world to me.You are my everything.You have the biggest position in my life.Only you can make me come out of this me.I really need you now.Please..

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