Friday, December 17, 2010

I Quit

I'm leaving this mean world forever
My existence will not disturb you ever
I was fascinated with you was my mistake
That is the reason why I'm in egony with a heartbreak.

I thought you were mine but I was wrong
I was never the one to whom you belong
I asked you for some true love
In return you made me a blooded dove.

Now I'm going to a world of silence
Where solitude makes the only sense
There people laugh when they are in pain
And always have a feeling of vain.

They greet themselves with gloomy faces
And adore their houses with scary vases
Their dresses are white with music in light
There day & night are same in sight.

Going to my eternal sleep so last goodbye
Pray for me atleast now as I'm going to die
My soul has no end it wil be alive
As your love from it can never be deprived.

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