Friday, December 17, 2010

God Paired Us

We were born miles apart
But were connected in god's love chart
We met one day without any reason
Thats why our love blossoms in every season.

I still remember that great day
when you said that love means gay
Then why did U leave me betrayed
Now I'm in the cliff of sorrow's glade.

Do you dare enough to challenge god?
To beat him down & make him gnawed.
Your attitude makes you feel tall
But remember pride goes before fall.

Breaking this relation will cost you
Pain & sorrow in your life will accrue
That day you will surely regret
But then time will make me to forget.

True love dosen't come & go
It will come only once & glow
If once the brightnes gets wane
We'll never get it again & again.

Writings of fate never go wrong
We have to be a part though it dosen't belong
Running away from the truth is impossible
We cannot stop it happen as its improbable.

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