Friday, December 17, 2010

Painfull Wishes

I want to talk to you but I'm afraid.I want to tell you many truths that how I feel when you are away.You never want to hear anything so I have to be silent.I have a fear of rejection as its very painful.You may think that I'm careless.But deep inside there is a lot of love waiting to come out.Its dying to get into your heart but always come back with bear less pain.what else can it do if you locked your heart in front of it.

I wish If I could go back to the past where we used to talk for hours together,where you used to cry when we depart from our meeting.Its unbelievable.How much you had loved me.Heavenly felt affection was the symbol of our love.But what made you change like this?Did I lack anything in my love?Don't walk as this world walks.Its fake.You cannot believe anything in it.Realize it now otherwise you may lose a person who is just living for you.

Any day if you feel to come back then surely do come.I'll love you even more and will care you whole life.I'll be the same and will never
change.I promise I will never ask anything about the past.We'll forget everything & start a new life.Sometimes I wonder if you feel so.But I know you'll never..

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