Thursday, December 16, 2010

Never Give Up

Sometimes we loose the things which are very precious for us.It becomes impossible to get them back.So the only option left will be giving up.No.Never do that.Life is a game.Sometimes we loose,sometimes we win.Life is full of ups & downs.We need to overcome all the obstacles.We
need to be a warrior to our own life.

The most painful situation in life is not when we lose our love.Its when the person whom we love doesn't realize our love and walkout from our life.This makes us depressed completely.We lose faith in people,we start hating ourselves & we make our life a worthless journey.

But why?Just forget everything & think for a while.Isn't the person whom you love living happily?Isn't he enjoying his life?Is he crying for you?Is he thinking about you? Then why are you wasting your life for him.Its always difficult to think like this because true love will never have
a capacity to take revenge.Its honest and loyal.Only good deeds can be done in true love.But we should realize one think that once we give up then we are defeated in love.

"Don't love the one who doesn't love you instead,Love the one who loves you". Only then life becomes beautiful..

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