Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Girl

There is a girl who is living in this world with a bleeding heart.She doesn't even know the reality of her birth.She is a worthless
soul for everyone.But she loved a person with all her hearts which was her only mistake.

She is a girl who keeps smiling even though she is crying deep inside.Her tears are hidden from this world.She brightens up the days of every person close to her.She makes everyone laugh though she never know what exactly happiness means.

Her life is unbelievable.She loves a person who hates her.She care for a person who hurt her.She pray for a person who curse her.She lives for a person who killed her alive.The world says she is mad.She came up even though thousands of obstacles surrounded her.She sacrificed everything for him but at last he just left her and walked out for ever..

She still has silent rays of hope.She know that one day he'll come back.All her desires will be fulfilled that day.Her life is a waiting now.
He'll come and she will smile one day..


  1. ...if you read this I was wondering if I could post this on a fanfic, with your name included...if not let me know