Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Will Never Forget You

The pain inside me is never going to vanish
It kills me each and every moment
You tore my heart apart
And now the shattered pieces are all left with me.

Still my soul waits for you
To touch you once,to feel your embrace
I'm fed up of loving you
But why my heart dont permit me to forget you?

What is so magical in you?
That I never felt from anyone else
Your smile brightens up my day
And when I feel your touch I swear I can fly.

Your love is completely fake
But still my heart indulge in loving you
All faults are in your way
But still I say that you are my way.

There are many things that you left pending
Many gifts that you forgot to open
Come one day for sure and see them all
Without you our love is incomplete.

I'm trying my best to erase you out
Unfortunately I end up with defeat
I think its impossible
I know that I can never forget you..

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