Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I wish I could Turn Back Time

I wish I could turn back time
If then I would go back to our happy days
The moments which were golden
The love which was heavenly..

Past is lost but future is here
I wish my past would be my future
Then I'll be happy whole life
Our love will be a joyful fairy tale.

I want to go back and correct my mistakes
I want all the moments back that we wasted
Past was bitter but you were with me
Future will be horrible as you are away from me.

Clustered words are piercing my heart
Its knocking my love & asking to stop it
But how can I do its not possible
In times of love its feels terrible.

I'm running away from the truth
I know I'l end up one day
Lost time never come back
So use it wise,its very precious..

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