Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love Hurts

Thousands of promises you made in few hours.
But it took only few seconds for you to break it forever.
You soaked me in tears and went away
Was this your gift for my heartfelt love?

Now I need you but your not there
You left me alone with your painfull memories
My heart is dying to hear you once
My life is now having just no sense.

Thousands are there to change your mind
Remember they can never love you as i can
You never deserved the love that I gave you
That was my only mistake and I'll never do.

I couldnt distinguish b/w true & untrue
Even though everyone stopped me to do
Was it my mistake that I loved you?
Then I'm sorry I can never stop loving you.

You were born for me not me for you
B'coz I wasnt even there when you took birth
You say that I always disturbed you
Who actually started the love me or you?

I have been with you all the way long
Through good and bad,thick and thin
All your negatives were changed by me
Now you left the person who taught you to live.

Its easy to make someone hate you
But its very hard to make someone love you
Dont ever run away from true hearts
If then you are just fooling your own life..

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