Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did You Really Mean That Goodbye?

When you left me I thought you were kidding
Everytime you did this so It was not a great thing
I waited all day long but you never came
Wasn't you joking?Did you really mean that goodbye?         

What mistake did I commit that you walked out?
living for you each second was all what I did
When you said that you need some shadow
I even din't mind to keep my hands on the sun.                             

Just remember those days when you were not well
I used to be awake whole night to make you sleep
You forget your medicines & get involved in works
But I always remembered it & never missed it even for a time.

Whenever you asked me something
I never said no instead I always did that thing
There are times when I hurted you
But each time I made you cry I got more closer to you.

So was this goodbye you gifted me?
For all my hearfelt love was this your reward?
If then its ok I'm not sad
Whatever you give me is precious to me..:)

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