Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Are My World

When the sun rays fall through my window
My eyes get opened by the view of your shadow
My lips utters a silent I Love You
I swear my love becomes again all new.

Your presence brightens up my day
Your one smile shower flowers on my way
When my deformed soul gave up in despair
It was only you who quenched that guise fire.

Your one touch takes me to a fantastical globe
By your constricted hug I can escape from any mob
To seek God in a holy land is not my cup of tea
Because the heaven I search for is in the arms of thee.

After a lengthy day when darkness settles
I walkout from the reality with a subsiding battle
When everyone around steps out to the crowd
I devote myself in you, You are my world!


  1. your writing is very nice yaar, this is awesome. i also write blog but not like this.wo kya hai ki m not so good in english na. mine is upon my life.kabhi check karna.

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