Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annoyed Yearn

The fog of dejection couldn't blur my sight
I peep out through the flame of illusion day & night
The azure firmament sketched a portrait of you
And the grace of it makes my each second new.

The love which received thousand salute once
Now became the reason for insult in dense
Waiting for your arrival now makes no sense
But I will achieve the exalt and prevent the forever rinse.

No matter how worthless my life become
The respect I gave you will never decrease though you hesitate to come
I will foster your memories with a feather touch
My yearn is annoyed but I will manage the heart's broken clutch.

I lost somewhere inside you & failed to be vigilant
It was my first love and I was innocent
Never trust people before they assure you
Impatience in love will shower blooded dew.


  1. really touching ... as start with nature
    "The fog of dejection couldn't blur my sight"

    and last para wid natural paramount behavior
    "Impatience in love will shower blodded dew."

    everything in all lines .. philosophy love and gr8 wording ... nice yaar :)

  2. loved the way you've expressed it.