Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Together Forever

Our love is an endless path.Everyday we travel through this beautiful journey.Many obstacles get created in our way but we are strong enough to break them.Till today eyes never met,hands never touched,footsteps never
 got printed.Miles between us yet so close.Heart beats with the same cadence and each breath is taken at the same time.Is this really possible?Can illusion turn into reality?Ah! Sometimes even I do Wonder.

His portrait smile is lively to me.His fingers sticked to one another holds my hand.Even though he is stood still we run together in our love resort.Hugging each other we spend hours in shore.Every square of chocolate we bite together.Till the last drop remains we drink water from one bottle.Pillow is torn out because we often fight but after that I sleep on his chest with no fright.Distance never matter in love.Once we feel it by our soul then life becomes beautiful with a meaningful existence.

I often gaze at the night sky thinking that one star would fall on earth and take me to my beloved.Suddenly when the moon appears my eyes at once stare at it.After a couple of minutes a beam strikes my eyeballs.I bow down my lashes and look up again and then I see his lovely appearance with a romantic sigh.To equal his presence there is no object in this universe.If ever the almighty try he will also fail as even in God I see my prince smiling.

Every wonders of the world is normal to me.I dont find any speciality in the beautiful creations of nature.I find charm only in him.If ever anyone had rights on me then its just him and forever will remain.No one ever can replace his position in my life.The one and only reason for my living is him.I'm so indulged in him that in his comparision even moon looks dusty.

My soul lives a motion with one decision.If a life then only with him
and if death comes, only in his arms.Love You Soo Muchh..

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  1. As if these words were my very own... I'll love him til the day my God says come home.... I love you Champion.