Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Night

Last Night When I Woke Up
I could see a beam of light completely wrapped up
With a bright glance the angel waved its wings
When I sat on them I felt as saturn rings.

I reached a cloud which was milky white
Where life & love was related very tight
There was a wondering spirit everywhere
First time inside me there was a heartfelt dare.

With white gowns and frizzy hair
Everyone stepp'd down with their soul pair
The enchanting beauty was beyond description
For a moment I went into conniption.

They greeted me with a smiling face
There was a round of applause with a pace
Scent of seven tress filled the air
I closed my eyes b'coz of the dazzeld glare.

The red wine was served in the crystal glass
The dine was that of a high class
All at once the pairs began to dance
The view had a deep lovely romance.

Suddenly everything came to a standstill
My dream ended & the winter night chilled
But I swear that place was heavenly
Where love is respected more than almighty..

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