Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Waiting

The tears of my eyes elapsed in  second,
It tickles my mind & reminds me the past.
I still remember that day,
When our love was completely gay.
Walking through the streets with  tightly hug
Under the droplets of honey poured from the heaven.
Fading memories started haunting my life
From the day you left me,its ll a boring life.
I loved you deeply from my heart
But why could you not realize that?
Hiding beneath the sea of pain
I still remember the day you came.
The word you whispered for the first time
Still makes me to live several times.
I still don't understand my mistake
To find out that is why I'm living
The doors of my heart still welcomes you
Come back soon & make me new.
I cannot bear this anymore
Please come back & lighten my doors.
I cannot drown more in the waves of broken dreams
Come back to my life & make me bright.
This waiting has made my life bend
I hope it will soon end..


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  2. nice...i was moved...guess i can relate a lot..