Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Are Fake

You were true to me in the beginning,but now you are just cheating me.In fact,being loyal to our relationship wasn't real.It was fake.You were just acting.Each day you create a new story to prove that you were always right in your life.You always hidden your mistakes by your lies.You always been the one who takes decisions.I never used to disagree you as I  used to think that you are doing for our good.But it was my foolishness.You were just making some reasons to enjoy your life.

Psychological man's attitude often occurs that they are never satisfied with one women.But I never thought that even you were included in this.I know mistake is mine.I given you a priority in my life even after knowing that  I was only a option of yours.You made me to fall in love with you just to hurt me,just to spoil my life.You raised me up so well that I had reached the top of happiness.But when I could really feel it you dropped me down.

From now you better keep counting each day.Because your happy times are at the end.Your life is going to change.You are unknown of it as Life is Uncertain.You cannot predict anything.You still have time.Admit your mistakes,apologize and be committed to me.I promise I'll love you like anything.I'll be there when ever you need me.According to you the time you are in is enjoyment.But the truth is that its spoiling you as well as your life.So its wiser to come back to me.Be quick because tomorrow is never promised.It may be late when you reach and you may never be able to experience my true, innocent love..

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