Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Can Leave Me

My heart is not a play toy,that you can do anything with it.There is a limit for everything.You came into my life just to make everything unfair.You destroyed
my happiness.You took away all my Golden Times.You made me hate by everyone.Now even you want to walkout of my life.Its OK.You can leave.I'm not going to
stop you.I have shed oceans of tears for you.I have begged you when you left me before.But now don't expect me to do so.If you want to leave me then you can..

But remember by going away from me you just lost the best thing that you ever got in your life.
You may think that I'll forget you after sometime.I'll stop loving you.But never.How can I forget the person who taught me to love.How can I forget the love that you had given me.

There was a time when you used to cry with me when I'm in pain.You always been there when I needed you.But time changed everything.I just lost you completely.You have made a place for only you in my heart.No one could ever do that.So congratulations!

Always remember that I'm only yours.Whenever you are in trouble,when you are stressed,just close your eyes and realize the truth that you always have
someone to lean upon.When ever you are in pain dont hesitate,just give me a call.I'l always be there for you.You don't need to ask god for everything
there is someone who is always praying for your happiness.

At last when everything gets fine.After living all your life.Just sit down calmly.Relax and think about our happy moments for few seconds.Think about our past loving days and at least now realize that how much I had loved you..

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