Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Killed Me

I was the game that you played
The game of kites that always stayed
I felt glad as I was on the top
But when you got bored you just cut me off.

I fell into the dale of darkness
Where there was only whispers of loneliness
I could listen one echoed beat
As my heart was unknown that you left me.

Blood stained soul now haunting you
Come near me once I want to see you
Your memories are lingering in my heart
Cannot forget them till I'm live.

Pain of lonely nights are unbearable now
I need to quit so last goodbye
My presence will no more disturb you
Just forget me I'm leaving forever.

Ahead in life never ever cry
If tears fill your eyes my grave will bleed
Keep your lips always wide
Live your life with advanced joy.

You asked me my heart.I gave it honestly to you.You hurted it all through the life and atlast when I asked it back you just broke it and threw it away.You spoiled my life.You Killed me :-(

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