Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please God..Call Me

Fed up of life here,call me god
I cannot bear more b'coz you made me feeble.
I'm a worthless soul,no one needs me
Now why a mercy just call me up

I'm a human who needs some joy
Dont treat me like I'm a useless toy
Burn my existence & free me away
I want to rest in peace,please come to my way.

What did I lack in my devotion?
Sincerity,determination of perfection?
I know you wont answer me
As all my prayers go unheard.

But God,you should realise one thing
There is a person who killed me alive.
Dont ever punish him for that
Just make him realise the depth of my love.

Atleast next time give me a life with him
I'll be happy and will smile all the time
I know I'm not defeated this time
I became worthless but never my love was.

Some words get pierced into heart deeply
A physical strike also wont cause such pain
Never god for anyone else,write a fate like mine
You're not giving a life then,instead killing it

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