Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Will Miss Me One Day

Broken pieces of heart still breaking each moment
The pain of your absence is killing me every second
Without you life is equal to death
I feel sorry to god as I'm wasting a life's worth.

The world says I'm the happiest person
But do they know what lies behind my smile?
Deep inside thousands of tears bursting
For one person who doesnt even care.

People who be happy all the time
Will be lonely all their life
They will have a deadly past story
Which will include only sorry chapters.

Sreaming with pain in the scary darkness
I was lying on the floor with a broken heart
How could you walkout soo easily?
Dint you remember my worthful sacrifices?

We used to talk for hours together
Now I can barely even look at you.
You gave me the biggest position in your life
And now I'm only a option of yours.

Never mind if u dont love me
I'll love you till I'm alive
No one can ever replace you
My one true love will always be you.

Now you are young,there'll be thousands for you
But there comes a time when youth says
That day for sure,You'll remember me
By that time I'll be dead & burried in some graveyard.

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