Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our First Kiss

The world stopped turning.The space became empty.Flow of water stopped & oceans became still.The flames of volcanoes became cool.There was a complete change in the universe.A silence has gracefully fallen between two lovers.On that day two souls got united forever..

Here comes the moment of love.The wrapped fingers slowly began to separate.My eyeballs stuck as I looked those small eyes.You smiled half to me and got up in  a choatic feeling.Your fingers shivered but still managed to hold me.The touch made me melt.It had a soothing effect.The hold became tighter second by second & I was feeling vulnerable.Your legs slowly touched mine & my hands moved through the hairs on your chest.By this time you had wrapped me  completely in your arms.There was a complete sense of romance.I started loosing my control.You stared me at once & I couldn't look into your eyes.With shyness I bent my head down.

Your arms moved around my waist.You held it tight and I was just lost in your arms.The fingers played a deep romance and I felt a feeling
of honey flowing through my body.You came closer & now there is a complete feeling of love.Our hearts were beating faster,breath was completely
held on,the moment was just beyond description.I pressed myself towards you.There was no patience left anymore.Your nose touched mine,your lips were a inch away from mine.I closed my eyes & was eager for the touch.The hymns echoed from heaven & now there was a clear signal for our love from the almighty.

After sometime I opened my eyes.Don't just ask the feeling.It was heavenly!I cannot describe it as I was Speechless.All our love had come for a while on our lips.Our desire got fulfilled.Yes! We kissed for the first time.The moment was so powerful that I was thrown into the clouds and was flying in the last world.The moment of kiss was something magical.I had lived my whole life in it & for sure it gave my love a immortal realm.

As the lips parted I could feel something painful.My soul was crying and my eyes were filled with thousands of tears.I opened them and for a while
I was blank.At last the world had come back to the real state and now I realized that I had forgotten to breathe.Oh! you are magical.Your love
is something incredible.My love for you has increased in tons.I'll be with you forever and ever.I love you so much now:-)

The moment is treasured in my heart forever.The time when your lips were on mine will be preserved in the world of our love forever.Our first kiss,the symbol of our everlasting love..

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