Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dear Valentine

Your romantic smile and the cuddling of lashes
I'm in love with you even after thousands of clashes
Here is my proposal with a promise of lifelong love
I want you for ever, Will you be my valentine?

I was the snow which made the sun wear sweater
But your one touch made me a thin flowing river
My heart was a igloo far away hidden
You knocked it once and now the doors are wide open.

Come in my arms and feel the lucid realm
Kiss my lips and take away the sweet xylem
I surrender myself never give me tears
Love me or hate me, I am all yours.

True love doesn't need a day to celebrate,
Every sunrise and sunset is a perfect time to date
I have a gift apart from candles and roses,
Here is my heart, Will you be my valentine?


  1. :) Thats a sweet way to propose :)

    Happy V Day Poornima!

    1. Thank You :) And belated wishes to you..Hope u had a nice time..:)